Sexual Power for Women From: Real-World Guide to Sexually Enslaving Your Man. 5 years ago. Sexual, · Love, · Women, · Power, · Georgeann, · Cross, · Cock, · Told, · Tell, · Control, · · READ. Sexual Power for Women. Sexual Power for Women. Text; Sexual, · Love, · Women, · Power, · Georgeann, · Cross, · Cock, · Told, · Tell, · Control, · Sexual Power for.

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And his addiction to The Loop and to you can sometimes be made to compete with other, destructive [habits] he might have, giving you a degree of leverage in getting them under control. Throughout her book croas makes it clear that she appreciates and loves men. This is war, and he has to win — has to expand and consolidate his control.

Men, though, are raised to seek mastery over everything they encounter, including their women, so they soon find it necessary to erect barriers against us, hide their vulnerabilities, and do what they can to control us.

While they differ somewhat in their approaches, one can see definite parallels in the social change they advocate: Phil Allbright rated it it was amazing Sep 17, In actuality, blame is inappropriate. She will almost always be on top when they have intercourse. As a consequence, his need for you is much stronger than it would be in an ordinary relationship. We women have traditionally been more in love with our men than they with us.

She uses light bondage to help create and reinforce a psychological Catch 22 that she calls The Loop. He remains always a bit insecure, always eager to please you, always horny for you. Women in general are decent, especially compared with men… Georeann, by nature, have as much good in them as we do. I know I am preaching to the choir to those of you already in this lifestyle. Peace and joy to you!


Nevertheless men do fall in love early in their relationships and feel a loss when they assert dominion over their partners georgeqnn the feeling goes away. One is that it builds confidence.

Patrick realized as I have a female led relationship is the gorgeann way to proceed forward in life. However, through many years of experience, she has developed an uncanny insight into the male psyche, that they should, need, and even want to be controlled by the woman they love.

This in turn feeds the rarity of the occurrence; the situation has so seldom been set up because only a few women have thought to do it. Even your smile, by itself, teases him about the secrets you know and becomes a powerful erotic stimulant.

Sexual Power for Women

He must take off as much of his clothing as she tells him when alone together and let her touch any part of his body any way she wishes. More commonly, he delivers brief, mechanical sexual performances devoid of emotion.

Many factors contribute to this, among them the same insecurity that keeps him sexually excited, her sharing of his vulnerability with respect to The Loop, and his eidetic recollections of her teasing. Janine marked it as to-read Apr 23, Later, if things went according to the usual pattern, we continued to share what was important to us, and our crosss were barely heard and dismissed as trivial.

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Sexual Power for Women | Wife-Led Marriage

Get a brain or go see a therapist, before you end up dead like this evil ,devils property! It does this in several ways. Eventually he realizes she knows him quite well and loves him for who he is, rather than for the image he was trying to project when they met or for some utilitarian advantage. That can happen only through the cumulative effort of a great many women. Georgeann Cross is not a pro dominatrix or a female supremacist.

Sexual Power for Women – A Real-World Guide to Sexually Enslaving Your Man

Cross presents some rather compelling arguments for a woman to establish and maintain her sexual power over her man, particularly with respect to reviving and sustaining the initial passion that occurs then wanes in a relationship between a man and a woman. Her lively and entertaining style, along with her sense of humor and non-threatening demeanor, probably make it especially appropriate for any woman who may be considering adopting this lifestyle at the request of the man in her life, which, as most of us who are in this lifestyle know, is often the case.


The rules may include anything geofgeann woman decides upon. Intimate self-disclosure thus becomes a way of getting what he needs and wants. Want to Read saving…. Georgeann you really did us power women proud! Open Preview See a Problem? Because he needs you, he wants to please you. Interesting and pioneer, although such a world guide doesn’t exist crozs works. Refresh and try again. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Freda is currently reading it Apr 27, By continuing to croes this website, you agree to their use.

Nor is she a militant feminist. And the power of these techniques to excite is far greater than the tendency of monogamy to bore. Jul 03, Carrie Quiltnknit rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Sexual Power for Women A woman who sexually enslaves her lover can tip the balance so he can enjoy being known by her.

He may find this frustrating at times, but always exciting and never boring. Then she proceed to prove to him that he cannot prevent himself from getting turned-on despite his objections provided he is bound — most often spread-eagle on a bed — and cannot physically resist or escape.