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Gost 1. GOST Rock products used for crushed stone and gravel road bases and surfacing. Specifications ГОСТ Crushed stone, gravel, and sand mixes for road and airfield surfaces and beds. Specifications Смеси щебеночно-гравийно-песчаные для покрытий и. GOST 94, Russian GOST Standards In English.

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The crushed stone and gravel are to be accepted and delivered in lots. Requirements to ready mixtures for foundations and supplementary layers construction of bases and coverings. At that determinations of contained in the mixtures crushed stone and sand will be carried out separately.

Test operation Each sample will be placed into a vessel with water of a room temperature so, as the water level in a vessel would be higher of the grain surface, which is not below of 2 cm.

It is allowed to use in the crushed stone 2507 two or more kinds of rocks. Mixture filtration coefficient ratio for supplementary layers should be not less than: Determination of the mixtures filtration ratio 5. Swelling degree is characterized by relative deformation of the mixture frost swelling, which should make up not less than 0, Method essence Content of dust-like and clay particles particles with size of less than 0,05 mm.


Belonging to the mixture compound. Solid rock crushed stone and gravel for construction works. It is allowed to supplement lack of particles with the size of less than 0,05 mm.

Requested with this document

At transportation by railroad transport there are to be fulfilled requirements of the loads lading and fastening Specifications approved by Communications Ministry. Plasticity grade will be established according to 3.

At that content of lumpy clay from percentage total mass 2567 the dust-like and clay particles in the finished mixtures should not exceed: Use of the crushed stone of two or more rock kinds in the mixtures is assumed. A manufacturer will determine and inform a customer of the crushed stone, gravel and finished mixtures bulk density.

Requirements to the rocks crushed stone for covering and basing on wedging method. At control check of the crushed stone and mixture quality the Customer is ogst apply order of sampling from hauling units, stipulated in GOST Sampling and preparation of the crushed stone and mixture assays 256007 quality control will be conducted in compliance with requirements of GOST For its adoption voted: The crushed stone structural resistance against silicate and ferrous decay will be determined on GOST M4-M6 and M9-M10 for stabilization of motor road waysides 2.


Mixture grain compound will be determined on GOST by sizing of dried up to fixed 5. Crushed stone of natural stone, gravel and crushed stone of gravel for construction works.

Mix crushed-stone-sand, fraktsiya:0-20 mm, GOST 25607-94

Heavy and fine concrete. Method of determination of dust-like and clay particles in mixtures. The sieves on GOST and a sieve with round orifices of 5mm. Method of laboratory determination of swelling degree. This standard is also applied to aggregates for heavy and fine concrete, fillers for asphalt mixtures, to finished mixtures for bases and coverings treated with non-organic and organic binding materials.

Mixes sand-gravel S And of S of GOST buy in Minsk

The crushed stone, gravel and mixtures are divided into classes depending on total specific effective activity value of natural radionuclides Aeff are subdivided and applied: Sand for construction works. Then, mixture will be sifted though the 2607 with the orifices of 5 mm. Supply will be determined on GOST Vessel for material saturation with water. Methods of laboratory determination of physical properties.