Another Vivaldi opera enters the discography, and this one’s a beauty. Based on a story in Boccaccio’s Decameron, with a libretto by Apostolo Zeno revised by. Vivaldi’s genius came to full fruition in his masterpiece Griselda. The story of Patient Griselda, taken from The Decameron, is an uncomfortable one for modern . Griselda was first performed at Venice’s Teatro di San Samuele during spring Apostolo Zeno’s libretto, based on a tale from Boccacio’s Decameron, was .

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In the face of such conspiracies, Griselda resists. Part of the issue, I think, is that the characters in Griselda seem to be in passionate overdrive most of the time. But things changed in Griselda was first performed at Venice’s Teatro di San Samuele during spring This opera does not have a single tedious phrase in it. Personally, I thought the energy was wonderful.

Grimani, the 18th-century equivalent ggriselda Cameron Mackintosh, aware that ticket sales in his group of theatres were falling whereas Vivaldi, now in his fifties, had enjoyed considerable success friselda theatres in Verona and Vicenza, finally invited him into the fold.

Her resilience is admirable, yet the extent of her suffering reveals a complex ambiguity: She returns her crown to him; he immediately leaves to greet his new bride. Vivaldi, in his vivalid role as composer-impresario, had rather remarkably managed to run up a sizable profit. The only character not bothered by his love for someone else is Corrado, and he spends most of the opera spying on the other characters. We also hear very dramatic recitative writing from the composer.

Such “genre arias,” if you will, were typical of the era. Giovanni Grisostomo and S. Just as Handel was not merely a composer of oratorio and music to be performed on a ceremonial barge, there is so much more to Antonio Vivaldi than The Four Seasons.


Ottone surprises them, and when Griselda again refuses his love, he takes the child away hostage. These houses were equipped with the latest theatrical technology that — amongst other innovations — allowed the stage to accommodate the weight of live elephants and horses.

Gualtiero is a nasty person, and so this is a thankless role. Instead of a known soprano castrato, he wrote for Lorenzo Saletti, who clearly found the technical demands of the role too challenging as a hastily-written, much more mundane aria was substituted for Ottone.

Home News Contacts Copyright. She rejects his suit. Griselda returns to her home in the countryside where she is pursued by the villainous courtier Ottone, who is completely besotted with her and has surreptitiously fomented the popular uprisings in order to derail her marriage.

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While each had their individual virtues, all six singers displayed a sure sense of line, shaping arias and recitatives with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. We hear arias grisellda texts refer to storms, birds, arrows, and sleep, each with appropriate musical illustrations familial from Vivaldi’s concertos.

Based on a story in Boccaccio’s Decameronwith a libretto by Apostolo Zeno revised by the famous Carlo Goldoni, the plot of Griselda is typically convoluted.

The opera’s subject material was appropriate, as it was with Griselda that Vivaldi, formerly considered too “plebeian” to be heard in most of the Venetian theaters, finally got his foot in the door, thanks to political and artistic changes occurring at that time.

Composition Artist Credits Griselda. Gramophone’s expert reviews easier than ever before. These complexities resonate not only with the struggles that might exist within a domestic union, but with the power that individuals seek and play out in public life. Furthermore, it is revealed that he never intended to marry Costanza anyway, because she is his daughter by Griselda!


Costanza sings of her torn affections betrothed to Gualtiero but in love with Roberto in the coloratura aria Agitata da due venti. There are only six characters, and each has several arias in a variety of styles, most of them in AABAA form, with each new appearance of the A section varied. Still, even if it depicts women as property to be taken, given away, or discarded, it is at least the women in Griselda who show the most strength and nobility of character. Griselda dramma per musica by Antonio Vivaldi Cover of the libretto for the premiere.

Even so, recent research has linked Vivaldi as composer or impresario to around 67 different productions, with around 50 original settings; such figures make him the most productive opera composer of the period after Alessandro Scarlatti.

In extrovert arias one occasionally hears some contrived clattering bows from the strings but there is a substantial problem throughout the performance caused by underwhelming, pale playing from the lower strings.

Griselda (Vivaldi) – Wikipedia

Iestyn Davies, another counter-tenor, makes a good impression in the smaller role of Corrado. Ggriselda other projects Wikimedia Commons. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. Miriam Allan as Costanza, sings of the cruelty of fate, and the terror of being forced to do what you know to be wrong.

Among the men, Philippe Jaroussky is the stand-out. Orchestra of the Antipodes.