GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol is based on the films, stories, comic books, and radio shows of the s to the s. It starts with Buck Rogers () and. After the terrifying war with the Overlord of Jupiter, the Solar Patrol was commissioned to police the interplanetary space lanes, protecting traffic from pirates and. The guardians of law and justice in the Solar System, the Patrol encompasses many functions, from civil engineering surveys to front-line naval.

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The engineering deck can be the hurps dangerous place on the ship. Their job begins when the pirates board, or when the great hatches cycle open and they race out into the frozen forests of Callisto, or when the enraged Krik warriors have smashed down the last vurps and are flooding patrool the unprotected human city. There are no computers, only infomats. Only rogues, scoundrels, and rugged individualists call no man master.

Such suits pro-vide only minimal protection from atomic guns, but they are quite effective against knives and old-fashioned gunpowder weapons. On small ships, the command deck handles the guns.

They are small, agile, multi-purpose ships that can be quickly fitted with specialized equipment to suit their current mission profile. Atomic guns became available for personal use in and quickly dominated the military and authorized civilian markets.

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The command deck is the topmost deck, and the main bridge is placed in either the front or iddle of the ship, forming a distinct bulge. Gurs matter the high ideals of humanity, no matter how much they might sklar to patrkl in peace with their fellow beings, there continues to be those who do not share such aspirations. Within the context of the genre, no supernatural powers of either good or evil exist.

Harder and more exotic drugs are rare but do exist. Astoundingly common — it is part of being a member of the Solar Patrol, after all! If a character can match the Overlord of Jupiter in a duel of both swords and words, he might well not toss the hero into the acid pit.

It is also possible to have a scrappy kid who is constantly underfoot or sneaking onto spaceships bound for the most deadly reaches of the System.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol – 4. EQUIPMENT

Military vessels that must dispatch their cargo on war-torn battlefields choose the latter design; commercial vessels that land at ports choose the former. Electron drives are equivalent to TL11 hot reactionless engines. Others with high levels of Taoes Regard include war heroes, explorers, and Earth League politicians. Women and children first!

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol

Rarely seen in Patrol members, though it can manifest during times of extensive battle. On most ships, quarters are spartan but functional, with a small lounge or two for games. Do not use force against a competitor — just out-bargain them! GURPS characters are defined as much by their weak-nesses as by their strengths. Made from a psychoactive plant found on Venus, this drug is HallucinogenicExpensiveHighly Addictive psychologicallyand Illegal.


To be a member of the Solar Patrol is to be one of the best — and to know it. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take some time and do a new edition?

Gurpd of marginally different space suits are available in the System, and more than a few barroom brawls have erupted over the merits of the AstroTuff versus the Starglider brands. Common drugs in the Tales of the Solar Patrol setting include:.

Machines can never replace a man! It does mean they are paatrol confident in their abilities — and they expect other people to be, too.

GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol

He gestured, and the other cadets stopped their mock duels to listen. The ship has a gravitic vector artificial gravity and wings.

Treat a skilled opponent with respect. These flaws might derive from time constraints, and pressure to deliver a product, that Harac talks about here.

While many characters may have a religious faith, no divine presence exists that will affect the mechanics of game play in this setting.