PowerHA for AIX is the new name for HACMP (High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing). HACMP is an application HACMP Basics. History IBM’s HACMP exists for almost 15 years. It’s not actually an IBM product, they ou!ht it from C”AM, #hich #as later renamed to. A$ailant. HACMP basics. HACMP Cluster can be managed by 1) Smit 2) WebSMIT. Config tasks. Configure Cluster Topology; Then HACMP Resources.

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My home My profile My communities Settings. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Application server is one such resource which needs to be kept highly available, for example a DB2 server.

UNIX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION : hacmp basic concept

Although, it is possible to do so, you don’t want any conflict with the disk heartbeat mechanism! In most situations, these problems can be overcome. We’ve included information on the latest clustering solutions from IBM.

By clicking Submityou agree to the developerWorks terms of use. Which topic are you interested in? Applications The most important part of making an application run well in an HACMP cluster is understanding the application’s requirements.

The disks need to be allocated from SAN. Two with private IP address and one with public IP address. This is a situation which must be avoided at all costs. By the time all adapters are assigned to networks, the warnings must be gone. Some applications tend to bond to a particular OS characteristic such as a uname, serial number or IP address.

It detects and diagnosis through the use of RSCT daemon. Are there prerequisite services that must be running?

Clustering: A basic 101 tutorial

Typically, information that is more static in nature does not have to be replicated on a daily basis. Leveraging established technology and a diverse portfolio of scientific applications in the new-age, scalable, Linux-based super clustering environment provides researchers with a low-cost platform for developing enhanced clustering management tools to explore the scalability of various types of engineering and scientific applications. Technical library Products A to Z.


And you may be asking, “What might the driving reasons be today for installing a clustering solution? Learn different types of networks, concepts, architecture and You should provide protection from power losses through an external uninterruptible power supply UPS or equivalent.

Here we have db2live as the service IP. Decide which storage to use for replication. Choose your display name. You’ll also need to determine what type of communications media is compatible with clustering.

If the application is to be used on multiple nodes with different data or configuration, then the application and configuration data would probably be on local disks and the data sets on shared disk with application scripts altering the configuration files during fallover.

Fault-tolerance costs continue to seem more palatable to senior management as an ever-increasing number of businesses begin to experience the costs associated with not having invested in high-availability measures. Similarly, add another node to the cluster.

To do that, do the following:. And, in regard to disaster prevention, to ensure your data center is not completely destroyed in case of a natural disaster, such as a flood, tornado, or hurricane, you should locate the replicated system remotely — perhaps even in another state.

For storage, a redundant array of independent disks RAID is one approach.

The scale-up happens through simple application replication only, requiring little or no application modification or alteration. SMP machines do well on all types of problems, providing the amount of data involved is not too large. And are usually housed together in a single location.


From A3 to ZZZ this guide lists 1, text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate and understand today’s texting lingo. In the example provided, both nodes have 3 Ethernet adapters and 2 shared disks.

Introduction to PowerHA

DRBD provides advanced data mirroring capabilities for Linux. In essence, you must determine which data in your environment is critical to keeping your business up and running. For high availability to be achieved, the application must have the ability to stop and start cleanly and not explicitly prompt for interactive input. Once this is done, your cluster is ready.

Be sure to terminate any child or spawned processes that may be using the disk resources. AIX provides support for Etherchannel, a facility that can used to aggregate adapters increase bandwidth and provide network resilience. A cluster as it pertains to computers refers to a group of servers and other resources that are connected through hardware, networks and software to behave as if they were a single system.

This is highly convenient when you need to perform system maintenance, such as applying program temporary fixes PTFsinstalling a new release, or upgrading your system. Since each node is in fact, still very alive, HACMP would conclude the other nodes are down and initiate a takeover.

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