Hank Haney’s Essentials of the Swing has ratings and 7 reviews. Joseph said: When people comment of someone having a textbook swing, this might very . Hank Haney’s Essentials of the SwingIn Hank Haney’s Essentials of the Swing, Hank shows you how to put his approach to work to develop a powerful. I finally dug out my copy of Hank Haney’s book, Essentials of the Swing so I could refute some of the stuff that people “think” Hank advocates as.

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Thats a pretty hahey task to accomplish from a bent position. Overall I am very pleased with it. So, you don’t turn your shoulders exactly level; there is an angle there, the same angle you set up at address.

Hank Haney’s Essentials of the Swing

Hes said numerous times that you shouldn’t push the left shoulder down because it gets you too steep. Great discussion on plane theory, but I think he leaves out some much needed discussion on arm rotation and swing length.

I can’t remember what he says about the right leg. Hank Haney born August 24, is an American professional golf instructor best essentialx for coaching Tiger Woods[1] and two-time major championship winner Mark O’Meara. Originally Posted by Rusty. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Trivia About Hank Haney’s Esse Just started, but I need to get my handicap to a single digit by July 13th.

Hank Haney’s Essentials of the Swing by Hank Haney on Apple Books

This is because its actually easier to draw the driver when you naturally create a plane which is in-to-out of the Target Line through the impact zone, hanfy is one half of swin requirement for an accurate draw. But Hank has worked with high profile players that enjoyed more success that Bubbas players did, so now Bubba and his followers are mad.


Jul 09, Lisanne marked it as to-read. If anything, Tiger’s clubshaft has only been a few inches below the left arm plane at the top, a position from where he has been able to consistently put the club on a plane with the intended horizontal direction.

The main thing is that what Hank teaches is nothing fancy, and it is completely adaptable to every student. You currently have javascript disabled.

Here is a direct quote found on Page xwing of the book If u crossline at the top of ur swing, Haney will help u angle it left so u dont hit quackers diz. You are wwing in position, making what I like to call a “tight turn. I can see that being a problem with a Stack and Tilt type swing if you are pulling the arms too far inside while leaning the spine a bit toward the target.

Everything I’ve read about it sounds great. In Hank Haney’s Essentials of the Swing, the world’s premier expert on the golf swing takes you back to step one to master the essentials and build a complete, powerful, and consistent swing that will improve your game quickly and keep you playing better for years to come.

Lots of golf instructors can show you tricks to correct a hook or to stop hitting the ball fat, but these are just quick fixes that leave you with a swing built on mistakes. William H Beever rated it really liked it Jan 30, Professor D, on 07 December – Packed with helpful pictures, invaluable practice tips, and insightful pointers on everything from club selection to the difference between a good miss and a bad miss, Hank Haney’s Essentials of the Swing is the resource you need to hit the top of your game and stay there.


Too many cooks spoil the broth. I am considering buying this via iPad’s Kindle app. It is lavishly illustrated.

Hank Haney’s Essentials of the Swing – Instruction & Academy – GolfWRX

Hank’s prescription for that is to try and get the hanney more in front of the body on the downswing, and to get there, he had Tiger more laid off.

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There is a guy named Bubba that teaches at the local pitch and putt janey Hank is teaching many of the same things that Bubba does. However, he does advocate a flat shoulder turn flat being comparative to a perpendicular shoulder turn. Bryan rated it liked it Mar 20, At this point, the club should be parallel to the target line. Hank’s prescription for that is to try and get the arms more in front of the body on the downswingand to get there, he had Tiger more laid off.

When people comment of someone having a textbook swing, this might very well be the textbook that they are referring to. Just seeing him on TV makes his teaching style look very macro.