THE COQUETTE; OR, THE HISTORY OF ELIZA WHARTON; A NOVEL; FOUNDED ON FACT. By a LADY of MASSACHUSETTS. [Hannah Webster Foster]. The Coquette (Early American Women Writers) and millions of other books are .. Hannah Webster Foster’s novel The Coquette is an excellent example of. The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Early American Lit and Culture » Blog Archive » The Coquette

Will a lady of delicacy associate with an immoral, not to say profligate man? I retired to dress for the assembly; and had nearly completed the labor of the toilet, when Mrs. Writing the novel as fact shows that it’s applicable to the reader. Mine was sentimental and sedate; perfectly adapted to the taste of my gallant.

It’s also an epistolary novel, a structure I’m not wild about, but ultimately, “The Coquette” mimics its title: To have our enjoyments arrested by the empty compliments of unthinking persons, for no other reason, than a compliance with fashion is to be treated in a manner, which the laws of humanity forbid. I first saw her on a party of pleasure at Mr.

This feeling continues coquuette the last page.

I was very politely received; and when Eliza entered the room with a brilliance of appearance and gaiety of manner, which I had never connected with her character, I rose, as did Major Sanford who offered his hand, and led her to a chair. Its effects are the same, and aided by a second self, are rendered more diffusive and salutary.

One inducement is, that I may be free from the intrusions of this man. I congratulate you on your agreeable settlement, and hope it will be productive of real and lasting happiness.

Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature

We returned to tea, after which the ladies sung, and played by turns on the Piano Forte; while some of the gentlemen accompanied with the flute, the clarinet, and the violin, forming in the whole a very decent concert. She having intimated that they were to dine at my friend Lawrence’s, I caught at this information; and determined to follow them, and teaze the jealous Mrs. But his situation in life!


You will ask, perhaps, whether I would influence your judgment? Miranda Riding My English Lit class discussed this decision which other authors in this time period such as Mary Rowlandson and Olaudah Equiano also …more My English Lit class discussed this decision which other authors in this time period such as Mary Rowlandson and Olaudah Equiano also chose to do. Boyer wants to fostter down with a wife, but Eliza’s flirtatious nature prevents him from doing so.

Richman rallied me after he was gone, on my listening ear. I am to call as if accidentally this afternoon, just as they are to ride abroad. We had a lovely tour this forenoon; were out three long hours, and returned to dinner in perfect harmony. The late hour toster retiring to rest had not depressed, but rather exhilerated coquehte spirits. Haly; yet a habit of conversing with him, of hearing daily the most virtuous, tender, and affectionate sentiments from his lips, inspired emotions of the sincerest friendship, and esteem.

Ian Finseth basically argues that The Coquette doesn’t intend to blame Eliza for what happened to her. As an accomplished gentleman, say they, he will be an agreeable addition to debster social parties; and as a man of property, and public spirit, he will be an advantage to the town; but, from what I have heard of him, I am far from supposing him a desirable acquisition in either of these respects.

One of the things I see develop especially if this sort of account were have been published years earlier, is the increased confidence with coqkette Eliza wrbster, especially when speaking about her connection to men. He thanked me even for that favor, recommended himself once more to my kindness; and we walked towards hqnnah company, returned with them to the house, and he soon took leave. Habituated to an intercourse with the baser part of the sex, they level the whole, and seldom believe any to be incorruptible.

In contrast, the men seem to fall into two categories: Marriage is the tomb of friendship.

The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster

Richman and Miss Wharton judiciously, yet modestly bore a part; while the other ladies amused themselves with Major Sanford, who was making his sage remarks on the play, which he still kept in his hand. He was extremely polite, and finding our destination was not particular, begged leave to join our party.


My friends shall be coquete.

It’s fascinating to see all the reversals that take place in The Coquette. Lucy would sometimes offer criticism or questions or comments. Laurence has but one daughter, heiress to a large estate, with an agreeable form, but a countenance, which to me, indicates not much soul. Quotes from The Coquette. I am again inportuned to listen to the voice of love; again called upon to accept the addresses of a gentleman of merit and respectability.

I could not find it in my heart to distress her by intimating that you had other views. Exquisitely alive to these sensations, your letter awakens my hopes and my fears. I have written to my mother, and received an answer.

The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster – Free Ebook

Pages upon pages of superfluous unyielding locution! She speaks so very openly about her feelings, when it was at this time, women were allowed to have such feelings and be more willing to express them out loud.

While Eliza Wharton was a victim of Peter Sanford, I was constantly frustrated with Eliza for not heeding any advice from her friends.

This was granted, and we had an agreeable tour for several miles; the time being passed in easy, and unstudied remarks upon obvious occurrences. When, in her mids, Wharton finds herself suddenly abandoned when both men marry other women, she willfully enters into an adulterous relationship with Sanford and becomes pregnant.

If I must resign these favorite amusements, let me enjoy as large a share as possible, till the time arrive. Yep, it’s young America seeking a properly democratic government which exhibits both graces and virtues, get hip to it.