Hegel or Spinozafirst appeared in after an eight-year near-hiatus in. Macherey’s work. As Warren Montag argues, it marked a divergence. Macherey’s work enters this debate by attempting to save Marxism from this apparent historical refutation. The promise of Hegel or Spinoza. Hegel or Spinoza is the first English-language translation of the modern classic Hegel ou Spinoza. Pierre Macherey provides a surgically precise interrogation o.

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I actually began the translation for my macheey edification, it was easier to recall and digest the text in English. However, whilst Hegel’s process-like formulation is compromised, in the last instance, by his evolutionism, there nonetheless remains something within his notion of infinity that draws him closer to Spinoza, for whom eternity escapes duration and ‘coincides with its infinite existence in act’ p. Rethinking Structure and Conjuncture in Althusser.

Spijoza article has no associated abstract. A propos d’un ouvrage de P. Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization. As Macherey writes in the introduction to the second edition of the book, philosophy is something that moves, that passes, and that takes place, in a place where the connection between thoughts gestates, which, in the works themselves, escapes the specific historical conditions of their authors’ undertakings, and the understanding of this process diminishes the interest we might extend to their systematic intentions, because this process oor them dynamically in the anonymous movement of a sort of collective project, appropriating a given philosophy to the ensemble of philosophy and xpinoza only to one or other among them p.

Hegel or Spinoza

In this sense, if Oe is interested in the intersection of, and confrontation between, the respective philosophies of Hegel and Spinoza, he is primarily interested in the philosophical space between the two, where the names Hegel and Spinoza give rise to a ‘suspended truth’ p. The book also carefully derives some of the Althusserian arguments for understanding history as a ‘process without a subject or goal’ and concludes with a speculative discussion about the theoretical contours of a materialist dialectic also pursued by Althusser, in For Marx.


Could you say a little about Pierre Macherey? First chapter available from Society and Space. Michael Hardt, coauthor of EmpireMultitudeand Commonwealth. Hegel, Descartes and Spinoza. Sign in to use this feature. macjerey

Project MUSE – Hegel or Spinoza

The translation of Hegel or Spinoza is There are not two Kantian orders of reality – the infinite and the finite, or the world of essences and the world of existences — but a single, complex reality ‘continuous and indivisible’ p. Spinoza and German Idealism Ed.

Macherey does the same here in the title of his book, suggesting it be translated as Hegel vel sive Spinoza p. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. Omnis Determinatio Est Negatio pp. Pierre Macherey, Hegel Ou Spinoza.

ON HEGEL OR SPINOZA – Society & Space

He was editor of Society and Space from Duffy – – Ashgate. The alternative—Hegel or Spinoza—thus becomes a powerful and significant dividing line for politics and thought.

In both cases, it is fair to say that Spinoza infiltrated their respective philosophical approaches and arguably had a lasting influence.

We will look forward to reading the results! Science Logic and Mathematics. Hegel Reads Spinoza pp. Towards a Theory of the Integral State. Curiously there are key points of agreement between Macherey and E. Hasana Sharp – – University of Chicago Press. Later, he will understand this interpretative process as the ‘philosophical actuality’ of a work Macherey,pp.

Contact Contact Us Help. It is a diagnostic: Indeed, Macherey positions Hegel and Spinoza in close proximity here, since neither configures a logic of the subject. We welcome work that engages with and furthers a range of critical epistemological approaches, puts theory to work in innovative ways, and consciously navigates the fraught politics of knowledge production within and beyond the academy.

Omnis Determinatio est Negatio. Macherey does not completely answer this question in Hegel or Spinozabut he does open up the space for thinking with Spinoza, a materialist dialectic without foundation or guarantee. Hegel views Spinoza’s measured and purely rational usage of negation as eliciting a too formal, and restrictive meaning, being associated solely with those finite modes, which have a determined existence and can, therefore, contain contradiction or differencebut not with substance itself, which remains resolutely positive and expansive p.


For the ‘Groupe Spinoza’ in the ‘s, not only was Spinoza’s philosophy viewed as a necessary ‘detour’ to clarify Marx’s relation to Hegel Althusser, but Hegel’s own relation to Spinoza was also deemed worthy of close analysis for its own contribution to Marxist theory. Published in French init has been widely influential, particularly in the work of the philosophers Alain Badiou, Antonio Negri, and Gilles Deleuze.

Home Current Catalogs Blog. What might be named subject, by Hegel, can only ‘express itself in the totality of its process’ p. Melamed – – Journal of the History of Philosophy 48 1: Badiou later assessed his debts to Spinoza, and critiqued the ontological basis of Spinoza’s thought; Macherey published over a number of years a five-volume study of Spinoza’s Ethics.

Published in French init has been widely influential, particularly in the work of the philosophers Alain Badiou, Antonio Negri, and Gilles Deleuze.

But this key, highly influential discussion pervades the broader arguments of the book too, particularly chapter 4 ‘ Omnis Determinatio Est Negatio’. It solidified, in many respects, a sense of the over-riding concerns of French structuralism, in general, and of post Marxist thought, in particular.

Spinoza’s eternity is ‘the absence of end’ and it thus ‘refutes a teleological interpretation of the act’ p.

Spinoza lecteur de Spiniza It provides a rigorous metaphysical complement to what many of us involved in social struggles could only grasp intuitively. And Macherey forces you to choose which side you are on.