Sometimes referred to as the Chinese Bible, Quotations Of Chairman Mao (Mao Zhu Xi Yu Lu) was first published on a very restricted basis in. Mao – Het rode boekje () I am interested in politics; I still think communism is a better system than capitalism. I hate it when people tell. Editions for Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung: X (Paperback published in Het Rode Boekje: Citaten uit het werk van Mao (Paperback).

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The same limitless creative energy of the masses is also visible in the army, in their fighting style and indomitable will. The multiple burdens which women must shoulder are to be eased. Twenty-four years of experience tell us that the right task, policy and style of work invariably conform with the boeekje of the masses at a given time and place and invariably strengthen our ties with the masses, and the wrong task, policy and style of work invariably disagree with the demands of the masses at a given time and place and invariably alienate us from the masses.

China in Posters – Kunsthal

To be good at translating the Party’s policy into action of the masses, to be good at getting not only the leading cadres but also the broad masses to understand and master every movement and every struggle we launch – this is an art of Marxist-Leninist leadership.

Weight in Kg appr.: Central Compilation and Translation Bureau. On 10 January, the work was re-issued to the delegates and sent to select units of the People’s Liberation Army who received their advance copies for educating troops as well as for their comments. Edges foxed and browned.


Haven’t we come across enough persons of this type? Our comrades must not assume that everything they themselves understand is understood by the masses. To trail behind them, gesticulating and criticizing? If we do so, we can avoid commandism. On the other hand, if the masses alone are active without a strong leading group to organize their activity properly, such activity cannot be sustained for long, or carried forward in the right direction, or raised to a high level.

The oldest poster from the exhibition dates from rde was made at the time of the Second Chinese-Japanese war. All work done for the masses must start from their needs and not booekje the desire of any individual, however well-intentioned.

In all mass movements we must make a basic investigation and analysis of the number of active supporters, opponents and neutrals and must not decide problems subjectively and without basis. Name on half-title; else fine The famous “Little Red Book.

Versand-Antiquariat Bebuquin Professional seller.

China’s road to modernization will be built on the principles of diligence and frugality. Subjectively, they too want everyone to take a hand in the work, but they do not let other people know what is to be done or how to do it. Foreign Languages Press We should not make the change until, through our work, most of the masses have become conscious of the need and are willing and determined to carry it out.

Combine with… No authors suggested. Internal life of the Party is discussed. About fine The famous “Little Red Book.

China LITTLE RED BOOK Quotations Chairman Mao old free shipping

To link oneself with the masses, one must act in accordance with the needs hett wishes of the masses. Foreign Languages Press, This poster is highly rare and calls on the people of China to beat the enemy.


The patriotism of a communist nation and an internationalist sympathy for just struggles in other countries are in no way exclusive; on the contrary, they are linked deeply, as communism spreads throughout the world. This version was issued “for internal use” to the military leaders.

In memoria di Norman Bethune: Your IP address will be recorded. At the same time, it is necessary to educate them, and for the Youth League to give special attention to their problems and interests.

It is the responsibility of all to cultivate themselves, and study Marxism—Leninism deeply. If we tried to go on the offensive when the masses are not yet awakened, that would be adventurism. First Provincial Normal School of Hunan Mao — Het rode boekje Mao — Het rode boekje I am interested in politics; I still think communism is a better system than capitalism.

Your reply will be screened Your IP address will rodde recorded. Mao Zedong is composed of 48 names.

Apparently millions of Chinese swear by it, yet I have to conclude that this might be because of them being brainwashed as a child. At the same time, they stand ready to wage a just struggle of self-preservation against reactionary elements, both foreign and domestic. Mao Zedong Todestag gangleri. Afterwards, they have to admit defeat and do a little self-criticism. This is not a simple, clean, or quick struggle. Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung.

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