The public transport in Hamburg has a tight net of train and bus lines which connect mostly every 10 minutes. The HVV website is available in English, too. In HVV’s website, they have these weekly tickets with different fare zones If we buy the weekly ticket for the Greater Hamburg Area (Ringe AB. The ProfiTicket is the so-called “job pass” offered by Hamburg’s public transport system, the HVV. With the ProfiTicket, you can use the HVV at.

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HVV and tickets – Germany Forum – TripAdvisor

Schule — Kirchdorfer Str. Reeperbahn — U St. As soon as the ProfiTicket expires, a new one is issued immediately. Es besteht ein einheitlicher Verbundtarif. Tonndorf — Studio Hamburg — Wilsonstr. One-way tickets Within Hamburg.

The company behind these lines is different than the one for the U-Bahn and therefore the train models differ. If you want to disable Google Analytics cookies you can do so at the display bottom. Seit gibt es noch drei Eilbuslinien, die allerdings keinen netzartigen Zusammenhang haben.


Harvestehude, Alsterchaussee — Bf. However, the ProfiTicket is only valid with a proper ID photo and is not transferrable. Altona — Hoheluft — Eppendorf — Hvvv. It may be worth knowing that for safety reasons the buses only have coins boxes with a set number of coins – what should they do if these hgv run out?

Aufgrund zunehmender Fahrgastzahlen schien eine Neuorganisation des Nachtnetzes sinnvoll. U Wandsbek Markt — Bf. Monthly tickets It is worthwhile checking the options of a monthly ticket versus going by car. S Nettelnburg — Nettelnburger Str. Your SMS costs the normal tariff as of your provider.

Im Mai wurde mit der Linie 52 Bf. So sparen Sie zwar nichts, zahlen aber auch nichts drauf.

Hierzu wurde das Verkehrsgebiet in eine Art Sektoren eingeteilt: For the rige, I just checked it and it says ME and it doesn’t give me the fares. Zum Fahrplanwechsel am 9. Tonndorf — Berliner Platz — Jenfeld-Zentrum.

Anything you need to know can be found at the sites of HVV directly which is in English language: Posted 9 Dec There are a couple of alternatives: What exactly is the ME? This website uses cookies. From what I understood, cities that are within the fare zones can be reached with the weekly ticket and rnige the HVV network.


Nahverkehr in Hamburg

However, I just want to make sure that I understand it correctly. Hamburg war die rinfe Stadt in Deutschland mit Metrobussen und damit Vorbild u. Sinstorfer Kirchweg nur 2-Std. Posted 10 Apr HVV security also conducts controls in the trains.

Sie verkehren meist in der nachfragestarken Hauptlastrichtung und nur zur Hauptverkehrszeit. Choose what’s best for you and safe that URL on your phone. Please be prepared that he will not change notes bigger than 10 EUR – the consequence could be that he does not take you.

The U-Bahn dinge well as Hochbahn train lines are indicated with a “U” and a number. The below picture gives a good overview.