About Carol Van Atta: As an Author, I could be considered genre-confused. Are you already wondering what in the world is this lady talking about?. Today I’m happy to be featuring Carol Van Atta and her book, I Kissed a Dog. She’s giving away 3 ecopies and 1 print copy of I Kissed a Dog. Read “I Kissed a Dog” by Carol Van Atta with Rakuten Kobo. Chloe Carpenter isn ‘t like other women. She can communicate with animals, a gift she inherited.

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Rotten things needed to be disposed of. I think because there was so much information some of the parts of the story went to fast but in all I still fell into the story and was immersed into this world. Spent the whole day reading Chloe is stunned by this news. I liked that the author wove this talent into a normal existence for the main character. The romantic sparks between Chloe and Zane. Jan 09, Oct 20, Diana Offbeat Vagabond rated it it was amazing Shelves: He made me giddy.

December 2 Promo and review. Jackson Jones, Cadol 1. Later, when the story started developing its many layers, her animals were included Tell her what your true intentions were. Dec 10, She happened to mention you were her husband-to-be.

On a more positive note: Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one! It appeared with Chloe, and Zane needed to make her his to protect her. Like most authors, Carol Van Atta is no stranger to the written word. Oct 17, To top things off, there is a serial killer on the loose and Chloe is enlisted to help in the investigation.


Carol Van Atta (Author of I Kissed a Dog)

Working at a wildlife park, she uses her unusual abilities to help and nurture the park’s animals. She can talk to animals through telepathy which is why she works at the zoo. Like human women, their uncovered breasts varied in size and shape, while their tails featured different shades and textures.

Another thing to love were the villains and Atta gave us plenty to choose from. I am back on Blogger and plan to stay around a while. I’d love to know why my cats race from one room to another for no xtta reason. Wait, allow me to rephrase, I found the start awkward. But he has no proof. And what made it even more frustrating, were the times when Chloe would mention her virginity and how she was waiting until marriage to finally kissedd with a man. Click to visit Wattpad for Chapters One through Three.

I glanced at Cupidon. And the almost love triangle Attention to my awesome readers, fans, and friends. cwrol

Ava tapped my leg and pointed under the table. You can also pre-order at Barnes and Noble. The Book Maven A va and her books! His father, especially after his outburst, was a mystery. I will happily volunteer to help out Valamir in any way. He’s after some Chloe for his own- although he’s been on Zane’s side for her kkssed he can no longer suppress his desires Chloe Carpenter is not your average woman.


Monday, February 24, Book Tour Schedule. I’d love to display them if available. But in the end she gets Barrons.

Mini-(ARC) Review Monday: I Kissed a Dog by Carol Van Atta

Oh, and I may be collaborating soon with another author, Claudia Cunningham, Biting Back amazing recovery book. We are much more refined and better mannered than any dog, any day. Though she goes through a ton of stuff, like Chloe in my book.

The world of Bookmaven You will discover after reading my blog that I am a person of many varied interests and opinions. In this book there was a lot of information and I think it was well done with all the history z development into this world. Yes, she’s an ex’s chick.

By the half way point I had a hard time putting the book down, and flew through the last pages with ease. Congratulations to the recent Goodreads contest winners for I Kissed a Dog. Ratings and iissed left on Goodreads are also much appreciated! It’s a very unique tale because there really is so many cool parts going on!