critical of Said’s landmark work. The most recent additions to this literature are Ibn . Warraq’s Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism and. Ibn Warraq, Amherst, NY, Prometheus Books, , pp. Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism by Ibn Warraq. Defending the West has 95 ratings and 11 reviews. Ibn Warraq refutes the perfidious lies of Said meticulously and with brutal candour in this antidote to Said’s.

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Like a growing number of jbn, he refuses to accept the idea that all cultures are equal. I don’t find it conservative because it promises to revolutionize the field of cultural studies, which had previously been transformed by Said’s book. This chapter simply doesn’t belong in the book, not because its claims are necessarily false, but because they are so sweeping and so debatable that their defense requires much more than the brief but blustering tirade that was this chapter.

Open Preview See a Problem? Qu’ranic scholar Christoph Luxenberg has tried to demonstrate that many of the obscurities of the Qu’ran disappear if we read certain words as being Syriac and not Arabic.

Ibn Warraq

In its own right, it is an exquisite inquiry into the great ideas at play in our world. His face was blacked out on the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society’s website.

Snooks McDermott rated it really liked it Apr 24, Language, Text and CommentaryDefending the West: Despite his criticisms of Islamhe does not take the view that it cannot be reformed; and he works with liberal Muslims in his group. With example after example, he shows that ever since the Greeks Western civilization has always had a strand in its very makeup that has accepted non-Westerners with open arms and has ever been open to foreign ideas. Natalie rated it did not like it Oct 15, Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films.


InWarraq spent several months working with Christoph Luxenbergwho wrote about Syriac vs. It jumped from topic to topic, making bold assertions as mere afterthoughts and generally departing from the largely respectful and scholarly tone of the rest of the work.

Or if he did, he would not be allowed to live. Warraq accuses Said of not only willfully misinterpreting the work of many scholars, but also of systematically misrepresenting Western civilization as a whole. Instead, it is a Darwinian struggle where the weak are destroyed and the young ever supplant the old. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Mar 25, Coalbanks marked it as to-read Recommends it for: I do not want that they must suffer on my account.

Inthe music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes. We’ll see what I think when I finally finish it. Many showed great care and respect for the cultures they studied. My brother and its family do not know until today that I wrote the book. I had heard of the book before, but until reading it and discussing it in class had never appreciated the scope of its criticisms.

So much so, that to this day some are revered by people in these countries for illuminating or outright saving parts of their culture which were lost to them.

Defending the West by Ibn Warraq | : Books

While tne at first caused me some distress, I now take comfort in the lessons it provides. The name refers to 9th century skeptical scholar Muhammad al Warraq.


While Orientalism survives this initial critique, Warraq is able to establish several fundamental concerns that when placed with the latter chapters form the foundation for potentially rejecting Said. Please try again later.

Defending the West

The genocide of 1. Ibn Warraq is the pen name of an author most famous for his criticism of Islam. It is a well researched and clearly written critique that also examines the lasting effect Said’s work has had on Muslim thinking and politics.

Warraq claims to have been “shy” for most of his youth. No deffnding or quizzes yet. Generally, however, the degending has a decent flow and the subject matter is of sufficient interest to render the book quite engrossing. Among his work is criticism of the sources of the Qur’an. Parts made me cringe, but I appreciated Warraq creating a space for many voices that usually aren’t allowed in the discussion.

View all 6 comments. Paperback US publication date: He raises valid questions as to the methodology of Said and his followers most notably Nochlin, who is subjected to very severe criticism, though not unfairly, I wet and the book is well-sourced and based on quite extensive research.

The effect of Said’s work has been to slander the valuable work of generations of genuine scholars on the Middle East and Islamic world.