This version of this document supersedes any and all previous versions of the ICVERIFY for Windows Setup Guide. Revision Date: 01 March ICVERIFY. Processor Setup Guide Last updated: January Processor Setup Guide Document Number: en_US PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is a registered . If you are not certain how to perform these tasks, or do not know if your computer is capable of running the software, please refer to the ICVERIFY Setup Guide.

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Not a guarantee that a transaction More information. Figure 1 Page 7 of Shown below is a Void transaction corresponding to the above auth.

The Options dialog will display. Neither field is matched when searching.

ICVERIFY for Windows Version , Release 4 Setup Guide – PDF

Save the text file to your desktop as icver The following processors are compatible with PayPal at this time: Net has made efforts to ensure the. Some may require you to submit your transactions for settlement at a certain time each day; others may deposit funds in your account on different timeframes, depending on the type of transaction; still others will have different tolerance levels for losses due to chargebacks or fraud.


A delay in processing a payment can sometimes be the difference between a satisfied and dissatisfied customer. Gathering Setup Information You re set up by your financial institution to process transactions through a Processing Network.

This parameter indicates whether the Cash Page of However, it is possible your guids may still be approved.

ICVERIFY for Windows Version 4.0, Release 4 Setup Guide

This publication including, without limitation, any text, image, logo, compilation. Notice there is an extra field between the amount and ZIP fields. Select the appropriate connections from the drop-down menus for authorization and settlement.

The formats for line items vary by the type of card and are described fully in the Purchasing Card Supplement. The security of Visa. The date the transaction was executed. Contents CardControl Credit Card Processing Overview Credit card processing is a very complex and important system for anyone that sells goods. Stored Value Type Gujde code representing the network that will be used for stored value card processing.

Processor Setup Guide – PDF

Integrated Credit Card and Debit Card Processing DVMAX offers fully integrated credit and debit card processing capabilities that allow for the automatic capture of all payment information. The name of the data directory is usually tied to the merchant identifier, as described in Table 4. EXE into debug mode.

The Setup Wizard is launched and you can begin entering the setup information for your new merchant. You ll note the information in these setup tabs is identical to the information shown in Figure Customer Name The customer s name as it appears on the credit card used for the transaction. If you are running the wizard for the first time, you can use the default administrator password created when you installed the software.


Page 87 of The resulting string is the account serial number. Type of Business The business profile that has been established with your processing network.

Processor Setup Guide

Recurring Payments Profile Report Version 1. If you are not sure of the number of users that you are licensed for, check the Number of Users field under the Terminal ID eetup of Advanced Setup. For any dependent transactions e. Table 6 describes the features in the Substation Tab. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means. Failure to comply with these security programs may expose you to liabilities and fines.