Das, an Indian venture capitalist and columnist for the Times of India (and former CEO of Procter & Gamble India), uses his own experiences as a businessman. The nation’s rise is one of the great international stories of the late twentieth century, and in India Unbound the acclaimed columnist Gurcharan Das offers a. India Unbound (PB) by Gurcharan Das from Only Genuine Products . 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!.

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Then somewhere towards the end, Das gives up the pretense of telling his own story and plunges into a reflective and more clear-headed assessment of present day India, no longer overshadowed by the perceived failures of the past.

Passages from this book should be part of school curriculum. The nation’s rise is one of the great international stories of the late twentieth century, and in India Unbound the acclaimed columnist Gurcharan Das offers a sweeping economic history of India from independence to the new millennium.

We must give credit to the great man for protecting the nascent Indian industry against foreign players, especially given the context of recently being emancipated from the clutches of imperialism.

India Unbound – Wikipedia

She tried to kill the competition through license raj, which further aggravated nation’s problems. But in that ambitious effort, I found him to be doing more of a personal unbounding than that of India as a whole. Das has been instrumental in keeping the reader interested throughout book.

Since coming to Delhi I have met many women who long for Bombay. In combining democracy with socialism the Indian state quickly degenerated into a license-raj and a massive bureaucracy which lead to corruption and suppression of millions of aspiring entrepreneurs.

This narrative account has so much infectious energy, it spills over you. But the read felt a bit blunt in that realm, though it had its appeasing traits.

He vividly paints the reasons for the failure of so called Indian socialism and how it choked the Indian economy for 40 years since her independence. For most of the book this imbued it with a needless tragic sense and also made it seem artificial. And how the social, cultural precepts and the post-scripts of the times influenced the structure and the direction of the economy.


India Unbound

Indira Gandhi, greatly influenced by her father’s way of thinking almost led the country to the brink. I can’t think of any other book that deals with India’s economic-political history in such an insightful fashion.

The basic drawback of this book is that the hypothesis and conclusion drawn by the author is completely one sided. He rightly gives credit Mr.

Impassioned, erudite, and eminently readable, India Unbound is a must for anyone interested in the global economy and its future. Indian generations were betrayed by its rulers by advocation of wrong gurchqran of development thereby ruining its future prospects. Jul 28, Vibina Venugopal rated it really liked it.

India Unbound by Gurcharan Das | : Books

Indira Gandhi were actually inddia counter-productively and throwing millions of Indians further into poverty rather than alleviating their plight. And they both were in full favour of local make over foreign. The view seemed to be too one-sided, almost like a deliberately bourgeoisie history.

Overall, a must read to understand and appreciate the economic evolution of our country. And not to forget, India had just broken free of foreign occupation after two centuries. It also explains the economic liberalization which started in and how it has improved the economic ds of many Indian, which is resulting into one of the biggest middle class population in any country.

India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age

The book basically revolves around the travel experiences of Gurcharan Das encompassing his excellent observational and analytical skills.

The reason for this criticality was that it was constructed as a personal history – it was supposed to ras a growing up story for India, entwined with Das’s own. If Bombay respects women, Delhi looks on them as sex objects. The success of the Italian, French, and Chinese small business enterprises suggests that being a family firm per se is not necessarily a disadvantage.


Had he guurcharan his considerable skills on building his business, Thums Up would have been an even stronger brand, and Coke would have paid him an even higher price. View all 4 comments. Doesn’t hesitate in calling Nehruvian socialism “foolish”. Thus, an entrepreneur has to be a gambler or a lunatic with an impaired judgement about life.

Oct 11, Hemant Joshi rated it really liked it. Book works both as a memoir and a critical social investigation through variegated business narratives. Economic development is and will remain the core of the country’s progress! Penguin Random House India Genre: Please try again later. In early 18th century, India was a leading manufacturing country in the world and it had Now, acclaimed columnist Gurcharan Das traces India’s recent social and economic transformations in an eminently readable, impassioned narrative.

Sep 21, Satnam rated it liked it. India today is a vibrant free-market democracy, a nation well on its way to overcoming decades of widespread poverty.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. India Unbound is an accomplishment, a must read for anyone keen on India in general and post-modern market India in particular. There are no second thoughts that British Raj looted India but vurcharan did set up the institutions which helped India in post Independence.

This book has given a glimpse onto economic conditions of india while indiw other two were much more oriented towards political and foreign policies of independent in This was suggested to me by a friend when i shared my enthusiasm about reading India after gandhi and a work on Nehru by Walter Crocker. Apart from my own, there are two nations that grcharan always captured my imagination – one is the United States and the other is India.