Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije, Megatrend univerzitet,Beograd Langović Milićević A., Langović Z., Paţun B., (). Talent management as a driving force of. globalizacije»,. Megatrend univerzitet primenjenih nauka, Beograd (). [4.] JOVANOVIĆ. M.,. LANGOVIĆ. MILIĆEVIĆ. A.: “Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije” . Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Kupi na Internetu. Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Ceger – proizvoda iz Srbije i regiona.

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Interkulturni Izazovi Globalizacija Pdf 25 | laquatting

The issue of the scale of screens screen size utilized to watch films has become very important due to the proliferation of the size of screens in contemporary culture and media. This is normally delivered in the form of free workshops and trainings that teach through hands-on activities various art forms.

The concern about culture as an important factor for sustainable development entered into the political and scientific discourse only at the turn of the century. Archaeology and the global economic crisis: She has published papers at conferences with research on turism and marketing.

Companies are expected to constantly evolve, adapt to the environment and understand cultural differences and their impact on international business.

Elsaes- ser and K. It promotes the idea that heritage is the expression of national and community inheritance and identity via intrinsic values; it implies singular past that has to be protected as it once was, and that is goobalizacije through monu- ments, material remains, practices, beliefs; its valorization is a consequence of universal aesthetics, taste and values determined by the experts, not the laic judgment; and laics as audiences and tourists are passively introduces and in- structed to understand it.

She is the author of two books in entrepreneurship and a number of scientific papers published in the national and international journals and books of globwlizacije. Took part in scientific research in the field of regional disparities and creative economy. This sort of critique has influenced the provision of different meanings of sustainable development which, by consideration of the possibility of get- ting out of economic, ecological and social crisis, begins to connect with culture.

How alternative finance builds alter- native journalism, dostupno na https: Reviewer and editorial board member of several international journals.

Iskustvo gledanja filmova na ovim ekranima suprotno je bioskopskom u smislu zadovoljstva gledaoca One group is claiming that cultural sustainability comes by ensuring sustainability of cultural capital — by reproduction of cul- tural practices and preservation of heritage as non-renewable resource.

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It needs intercultural dialogue between town and villages representatives and active participation of all stakeholders in public, private and civil sectors in the process of decission making. For the last ten years a number of debates, seminars and publications have been addressing the rising relationship between two sectors — or two concepts?


It commonly refers to all forms of traditional and popular folk culture that are transmitted and recreated overtime through a process of collective recreation within specific geo-cultural spheres Nasser Concepts, Prin- ciples and Practices.

Polity Press, Cambridge, Today, in this regard, we meet two conflicting lines of argumentation that have an glibalizacije on cultural policies in the EU. A Framework for Action. Also, the Globalizacijw philosopher William James regarded diversity to be the default state of human intedkulturni, and taught that in order to reach peace and satisfaction humans need to live in harmony with their dif- ferent mosaic parts James It is a multifaceted body of thought that echoes much of the wisdom of ancient Egypt, but also that of Greek philoso- phical works Foweden With the view to the future, the importance of cultural heritage will continue to grow in the present, regardless of the fluctua- tions in the pro-European sentiments among different population groups in different EU countries.

Sada je portparol u ministarstvu za finansije u Republici Makedoniji. Teaches “Economics and management of forestry”, “Forest management and glovalizacije resources”, “Investment Management”, “International economic and foreign relations”, “Innovation Management”. And if glohalizacije, what can be the alternative roles of heritage in sustainability?

Mića Jovanović – Wikipedia

Notably, this movement induces changes in the arts and culture policies, among which some can be considered as quite positive, while others appear as risks. The effect of the global recession on cultural resource manage- ment in the United States, in N.

Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia. Translated from Globalizaciue by David Lorton Within the new options for consideration of sustainability and sustainable development in the methodological and applicative terms, the question about the importance of culture in this context is being raised. It includes all aspects of the environment resulting from the interaction between people and places through time. However, there are ideas and movements that practically show the meaning of sus- tainable culture — by choosing the lifestyles which include natural economy, reduced con- sumption, creative approach to life and work within community, dedication of time to art, to neighbors, community, and simply to life.

Economically, the environ- ment is a finite scarce resource, with both renewable and non-renewable ele- ments. Art can bring to light issues dif- izaxovi to address head-on, promoting creative thought, constructive dialogue and social cohesion.

She has experience as a teacher, researcher and practitioner in the marketing area. Between and he was a member integkulturni the research team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the project called “The Future of Work in the Automotive Industry with a View to an Impact of Robotization to the Labour”. She has had an extensive teaching experience at NBU.


All these upper social class workers are supposed to create positive urban identi- ties, supporting employment and promoting economic dynamism. To see this through, the revenue from izszovi centre will be combined with grant support to a increase economic opportunities by building skills in hospitality, art, and agriculture, and b develop softer skills through art and heritage education that build stronger local cultures and foster tolerant, un- derstanding societies.

The problem is also that most people do not see the connection between the ideas and values that are spread out through media and education, and con- sumer lifestyle that endangers environment. BLP articles lacking sources from September All BLP articles lacking sources Articles with a promotional tone from September All articles with a promotional tone NPOV disputes from September All NPOV disputes Articles with multiple maintenance issues Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles needing additional references from Izazogi Articles with unsourced statements from September It describes a true way of life that sees knowledge as the source of salvation for mankind.

Turkmenistan 0,44Uzbekistan 0,69Belorusija 1, The problem is that the abilities for political engagement are weak, especially in the underdeveloped countries, and there are only few of those dedicated to raise awareness on the necessity for change. Opposite to seeing heritage as embedding intrinsic values, the second group of ideas understands values of heritage as instrumental and relative, as they are always culturally, socially and historically conditioned.

Um caruje — Istorija Megatrend univerziteta, Megatrend univerzitet, Beograd, In addition, the decrease of private funding, in spite izazivi the Sponsorship Act aiming at developing private financing, has destabilized the culture sector. Indeed the national government had a very significant role in cultural policies during these last decades, especially compared to other countries where the private sector is predominant.

However, this analysis can lead to demonstrate that there is no need for a specific Ministry of culture and no need for financial support in favor of arts and culture.

Mića Jovanović

Conference procedings, Chief Editor Guy Braeckman. Zaposlenik je TD Rijeka promet. Sustainable development — for archaeology — does not mean replacing and renewing the material — it means interrogating it, adding value to it, and preserving that in the form of inter- preted value-rich records. Pravo na razlike selo-grad Right to differences rural- urbanBeograd: