Instructions MIE-AEM-4 of the Rules of Lifting Equipment and Maintenance, requirements set out in ITC MIE-AP7 of Pressure Equipment Regulations. Instalaciones gas. ▻ Cálculo. Instrucción Técnica Complementaria MIE-AP7. O R D E N d e 1 d e S e p t i e m b r e d e 1 9 8 2 p o r l a q u e s e a p r u e b a l a . (EUROPE), Cylinders according to Italian Standard (1) also allowed. Spain, ITC MIE AP7 (SPAIN), Cylinders according to CEE/EEC/EWG 84/ also allowed.

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Can you electrocute yourself? If by company vehicle you refer to a car, it has no legal obligation if it does not exceed 9 occupants for the transport of persons or the 1, kg of PMA Maximum Authorized Weight.

I work at a mechanical workshop, our fire extinguishers are being changed every year. How where can I buy them? In company vehicles, for instance in those of an air conditioning company, is it necessary to have fire extinguishers? Which is their useful life? I have some doubts about fire extinguishers I would like to resolve them.

To install fire extinguishers you must take into account Regulations on Fire Are there any regulations that compel to place extinguishers in the landings of an apartment building? The company we have contracted to install maintain fire extinguishing equipment in our workplace does not record the date of revision in the extinguishers when it makes the inspection. Our company is currently switching it dry powder extinguishers to water extinguishers with additives. Are there regulations stipulating how and where each type should be used?

Miw want to buy a couple of fire extinguishers for home. Wp7 of all, thank you very much for your time. As for the use in the presence of electricity, fire extinguishe must indicate in their tab However, I think that more fire extinguishers should be installed both in the file room, because of the presence of combustible material, in the offices, at least in one of them, since the distance between these is less than 15 meters.


As an alternative measure, boxes with blunt edges can be installed to prev It should be a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher as there are computers a rack in the office.

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I cannot find any regulation which makes reference to this matter. I wonder how many fire extinguishers are necessary in a residential building of 9 floors where 32 neighbors a7.

To give an opinion it would b I would like to know what prevention and protection measures I should install what kind of detectors, hydrants for me that I could also use in case of fire, what kind of fire extinguishers.

In any case, we There are four neighbors in each floor, it was built in Can they be used in any case in fires in the presence of electrical voltage? The fundamental problem of using a powder extinguisher for electrical fires is that all the electrical equipment and, especially, all the elec Is it compulsory to indicate fire-extinguishers of staircase landings in residential buildings with a photoluminescent signal?

The distance any point of the offices the file room to the fire extinguisher is less than 15 meters.

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The Technical Code for Construction indicates the conditions for the buildings where fire extinguishers must be installed. In most workplaces there are ABC polyvalent powder fire extinguishers. Here is my question: If it is so, what inspections should they have? What are the new tests their values the security elements that must incorporate the fire extinguishers? Its maintenance is carried out following the Regulations on Fire Prote I read at a forum that they only have to be changed every 5 years, that they need a revision every 3 years a man comes every year he takes them with him.


Are they certificated for use in fires with electric presence risk low voltage? The regulation you attach in one of the replies, as to whether it is necessary to carry portable extinguishers in a company vehicle, only specifies what requirements those vehicles which obligatorily have to carry extinguishers must meet, but I am still not sure if it is compulsory for any company vehicle.

I would be grateful if you would tell me whether there are any ktc on that subject. It is not a question of whether they are more effective but whether they are suitable for the type of fire that may break out, the collateral damage that may occur, etc.

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Is all this necessary being the distance shorter than 15 meters is it enough with the dust fire extinguisher in the corridor? I have a doubt. Thank you very much. But, if all the equipment in the office is electrical computers, printers, plotters, photocopiers and there are no other extinguishers, is there any danger in using ABC powder ones? Nowadays it ap77 binding, according to the Technical Code for Construction.

Do CO2 types need to be checked? Doing so, you will be able to detect and put out small fires.