Jagadodharana Adisidale Yasode: Purandaradasa .. Note: The kriti lyrics and the details about the kriti have been taken from Jagadodharana · Yashoda Krishna. Yashoda and Krishna – who doesn’t .. Footnote (Lyrics): Pallavi jagadOddAraNa ADisidaLe yashOde. JagadOddhAraNa ADisidaLe yashOde (Jagadodhaarana) jagadOddhAraNa maganendu tiLiyuta suguNAnta ranganA AdisidaLe yashOde.

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The kriti is all about the mother that Yasode is. Thank you for this.

√ Lyric | Song lyrics | Jagadodharana – M.S. Subbulakshmi on Rockol

Arakere November 11, at I’m a drummer and will someday make a version with soprano sax. How could she have missed it?

However, I think you have got the lines wrong for the Anupallavi. Rajagopalan Moolayil Palakkad December 16, at Third Eye Meditation May 2, at 7: These are called Bhakti Bhavas. Sharmila S September 21, at The great lord, the one who is the saver of the world, who has saved the world in all his 10 avatars, is playing with Yasoda. June 25, at 4: Sunday, February 13, Jagadodharana Adisidale Yasode: There are songs jagaddharana I like in a female voice and others in a male lyrifs but for this song, I cannot quite make up my mind!


Vidhusha July 3, at Hi Meera, You are doing a gr8 job. Refer Wikipedia for more info.

They stand as an example of the mother-child relationship and its innate divinity. Thank you sir for your great service. The latter, of course, is well known for Thaye Yashoda, in Todi. She turned a blind eye at other times, ignoring the butter He stole with his friends.

Unknown March 18, at 8: Blog Stats 11, have visited this site. Join 2, other followers.

Raghav Rao June 26, at 8: A treasure house really, your blog! Thanks for lyrics which helped me appreciate this bhajan more than ever before. Anand Sowmithiran January 26, at 7: The same Maya which makes us ignore the divinity of each soul around jagadohdarana and the presence of God everywhere. Never knew the meaning. And she let Him leave her and go far away when it was time to undertake what He needed to do.


Carnatic Songs – jagadOdhaaraNa

Posted by nmysore on January 24, at To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The one whose greatness is infinite and beyond measure, Yashoda played with the gem amongst children. Jsgadodharana Vishy, This Blog is just awesome. She played with him just as a son.

Contact me if you feel that I have infringed on your copyright and I will remove what you object to. Dates of Posts Added: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Also, about 60 km from Bengaluru is the temple where Purandaradasa sang this song.

Music To My Ears. Our children will save the world.


Ramabhadran has taught me this composition in Jaunpuri. But, Yasode is oblivious to all this. He is the one who cannot be counted.