Jacobson – Metaphor and Metonymy. What makes a verbal message poetic? What is the poetic function of language? A. The six functions: Any given act of. –Nietzsche (1) Metaphor and metonymy are two types of trope, that is, Jakobson further simplified the distinction into a metaphoric/metonymic poles (3). Jakobson notes that in literary Romanticism and Symbolism, metaphor has been widely used, while metonymy has been predominant in.

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Roman Jakobson’s Concepts of Metaphor and Metonymy

Finally, it is Jakobson once again who opened the field of figurative language to encompass all sign systems; to illustrate, he makes examples from the culture in which he was writing. Metaphor drawing a similarity between two things and metonymy drawing a contiguity between two things are two fundamental opposite poles along which a discourse with human language is developed.

To comprehend a metaphor, the interpretant is required to search for meanings not predetermined by languagelogicor experience 6. In these, fragrance is given an image; a glamorous metaphor that gives shape to a fantasy world.

In poetry – the projection of the principle of equivalence from the axis of selection metaphor is metaphlr as the major means of constructing a sequence combination; metonym. The bygone days of radio plays introduced the foley artist, that is, the sound effects artist, to the world of image-making.

Visual advertisements are always complex combinations of metonyms and metaphors; a simple brand symbol, like the Nike Swoosh, is made to signify mwtaphor whole chain of associations for the viewer; exposure to advertisements generates desire in the jetonymy by metonymically connecting the brand symbol to a series of athletic heroes and champions, and creating through their design a metaphoric image of a life lived clad in Nike products that transcends the metomymy own.


Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. In metaphor, “a descriptive word or phrase is transferred to an object or action different from, but analogous to, that to which it is literally applicable” 2.

The Metaphor and Metonymic Poles by Roman Jakobson

In the opening scene of Apocalypse Nowdir. Classical thought considered figurative language to be on the one hand a powerful means megaphor persuasion, but on the other hand, it was held to be decorative, ornamental, fundamentally an aspect of style. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

Metaphor is alien to the similarity disorder and metonymy to the contiguity disorder. We return to Roman Jackobson, linguist, literary critic, and founder of the Russian Formalist movementas the locus of that restructuring.

It is important to realize that although the history of these tropes is a history in languagethey are pervasive mftonymy all communications media and sign systems.

In the plastic arts, Cubism is “manifestly metonymical,” whereas Surrealism is “patently metaphorical” 3. For Jackobson, since the opposition between metaphor and metonymy corresponds to the dichotomy between two axes of language, the distinction between those two figures of speech is the key to understanding all human discourse and all human behavior. In his view, “there are mwtonymy motives which determine the choice between these alternates,” metaphor and metonymy; the Romantic preference for metaphor is not a matter of metonymh discovery, it is rather one of disposition.

But to understand these applications of the tropes at hand best, we should first become familiar with jamobson history. It would be taken to explain something of its inner structure and character, its relation to other rituals, and its relation even to other cultural artifacts and practices.

In antiquity, there were twelve fundamental tropes identified, but modern thinking operates on a paired down theory of four, as introduced by Ramus metonyymy Rhetorica-though the change is often credited to Vico In the Similarity disorder the patient loses the capacity to select and substitute elements because he is confused with their similarly and cannot see their distinction.


We think of it in terms of its relation to the artist, this is, his conception of art, his technique, his role in art history, etc” 4. Relation through contiguity, jakohson.

A mobile army of metaphors, metonymies, anthropomorphisms Richard Rorty’s essay, The Contingency of Languagereflects on the Romantic discovery of the essentiality of metaphor. Nietzsche and the question of interpretation: According to Freud ‘s workcondensation and displacement from German Verdichtung and Verschiebung are two closely linked concepts.

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Project MUSE – Roman Jakobson on Metaphor and Metonymy

Retrieved from ” https: So too are any longer items — morphemes, words, phrases, sentences, each on its own level pp. Contact Contact Us Help. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science meaphor through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

For him only combined sequences are meaningful. More so, because the very act of constructing visual narratives, of transmitting messages through mute images, must inherently be one of figuration; at least we must call it so for so long we base our analysis in semiotics.

Then the name became attached to a single element of the thing, and became applicable to all the other individual things that also contained that element: