Colin, if you are using the Java client on the server I don’t think inspecting the traffic would Caused by: lePath() ; at reTypeStyleManager. each vendor’s viewer is platform-specific and capable of communicating with that vendor’s own feature server (ArcIMS Java Viewer, Intergraph’s GeoMedia.

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UtcNow – new DateTime1, 1. Someone can help me? Message 4 of 5 3, Views. Thanks of your advices I could do that, but I still have two questions for you: Products Hexagon Smart M. Message 3 of 5 3, Views.

Thanks a lot Thomas. Apps Government Smart M. App Analyzer Suite M. Do you need immediate support?

SOFTWARE DEMO for Internet Mapping and On-line GIS

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. New feature using Java API – part 2. Hi, when you update the SymbologyLibrary in your workflow add or modify a styledo you also update the timestamp? Apps Conservation Smart M. App X Release Information M. Please report this bug in Siebel https: I’m going to try.


New feature using Java API – part 2

App Enterprise Tutorials M. Message 2 of 5 3, Views. In the code I created an array of DisplayRule to add to the feature. This is my complete code to understand better: Also be aware of the fact that the libraries are downloaded on startup interhraph if you add a style to the library using Workflows, you have to call. Apps Finance Smart M. While the feature is added as expected, the display rules are not handled in the legend when you use this method.

Apps Defense Smart M. The library will only be downloaded again on the client side, if the timestamps do not match. Apps Safety Smart M. Unfortunately jafa is no workaround that we can offer so you must wait until it is fixed in the product itself. Apps Smart Cities Smart M. Intergraaph submit a Ticket through our Development Ticket Portal. If one of these styles is new previously added in the GMSC database by a workflow I recivied this error: Apps Utilities Smart M.


Apps Health Smart M. We have just reproduced the behavior and figured out that this is a Bug. Alternatively you can create multiple features and add them to one theme instead of creating a intergrapj legend entry.

Apps by Category Agriculture Smart M. Discussions General discussions Smart M. Message 1 of 5 3, Views.

Message 5 of 5 3, Views. Can’t find style ’68f9c52d-ef9b-4cacae’ in directory: Apps Property Appraisal Smart M. App Enterprise Release Information M.

Apps Education Smart M.