Jazz Conception: Trombone Book and CD set features 21 solo etudes based on chord By Jim Snidero Trombone Book & MP3 CD Item: ADV Results 1 – 12 of 93 Easy Jazz Conception — Trumpet: 15 Solo Etudes for Jazz JAZZ CONCEPTION FOR ALTO OR BARITONE SAXOPHONE by Jim Snidero. Jazz Conception is a new and exciting way for players at all levels to learn the language of jazz! Each book/CD set features 21 solo etudes based on chord.

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The Essence of the Blues: Chris Potter Artist module released!

Jazz Conception: Trombone: Trombone Book & MP3 CD

All the bass lines from the CD are transcribed in the book and the CD includes special tracks minus the bass line so the bassist can sit-in with the band. Play along jik one of todays finest, swinging New York rhythm sections: All Mike’s comping is transcribed in the book.

Jim Snidero is a masterful artist; I knew that when he came to me, the very first time that I met him as a teenager.

Learn from one of the best jazz musicians in history. Each piece includes comments on providing the user deep insight on improvisation techniques.

Special CD tracks allow you to sit-in for Mike and comp behind the band. Absolute top-of-the-line in quality and content. Jazz Improvisation Instructional Videos: Prices subject to change without notice. Click On Each Image to Zoom. Description Look Inside by Jim Snidero Jazz Conception is a new and exciting way for players at all levels to learn the language of jazz! Jazz Improvisation Part 2. We are thrilled to announce the release of sniddro first artist module featuring cinception great Chris Potter.


Trombone By Jim Snidero.

Jazz Improvisation Videos | Instructional Videos | Training

Chris Potter Learn from one of the best jazz musicians in history. See and hear how a well known drummer phrases and articulates and play along with or without the soloist on the CD. These best-selling books eventually spawned an Easy and Intermediate series that filled in the gaps for players at different levels; to date, the Jazz Conception series contains over forty books in 4 languages, and it remains an incredibly popular jazz education resource.

Exact transcription, as played by Kenny Washington, plus 21 drum lead sheets. Tempos are generally medium. This item is temporarily out of print. If you are more advanced you may want to use the book to develop your sight reading abilities, for transcribing the etudes off the CD then check against the book or for just having fun playing along with a great jazz rhythm section.

Chris Potter

A classic, “Anyone can Improvise” contains 8 lessons and theory booklet. It can be used to develop younger students jazz style in a big band or small group. The Jazz Conception Company. You are getting the benefit of a truly experienced educator using the most up to date tools and techniques available for anyone interested in learning jazz. Techniques such as turns and double-time are optional, as well as upper brass ranges and saxophone altissimo. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.


Someone has finally put it all together!! Jim has done a marvelous job creating these etudes to demonstrate the essence of the jazz language- the melodic phrases and accompanying articulations and phrasings that have been the soul of jazz throughout this century.

The Study Guide conceptionn an analysis of each etude, along with practice assignments for each etude. Depending on the instrument, the level of difficulty is generally moderate. Take it to the next level!

Learn melodies and lines that will give you a solid jazz vocabulary and musicality. Jazz Conception is an exciting way for players at all levels to learn the language of jazz!