Datatable exporter. If you prefer to export an existing JSF datatable instead of writing a dedicated XHTML document, you can execute the Section , “Migrate the Seam JPA Example to JBoss EAP 6” . export=” true”/> export=”true”/>

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The vertical alignment of the cell value see jxl. The default is the internal counter. Are you using a seam component e: Should the column be shown in export? Can you post your entire solution? The value is a string and can be either “jxl” or “csv”. Almost copying and pasting from the reference doc, declare the servlet in web.

The datatable exporter A shorthand notation for setting all the values. The value is a string. The most common ones fonts, borders, backgrounds etc are CSS and some more general settings are in tag attributes.

java ee – Generate and download file with jboss seam – Stack Overflow

The type is automatically detected so there is rarely any use for this attribute. The pattern of the background see jxl. Do you see any errors in the console? The border color of the top edge of the cell see jxl.

The border line style of the right edge of the cell see jxl. Controlling how the output look is done with a combination of CSSish style attributes and tag attributes.


See above for rules. Stefano Travelli 1, 1 13 Attributes startColumn — The starting column of the hyperlink. Any news on a way to write the resource urls? Default is “jxl”, but support for CSV has also been added, using the type “csv”. Toggles superscript font, use another superscript to turn it off. Print areas and titles Should the cell wrap with newlines? A shorthand for setting line style and color of the right edge of the cell, e.

We are working on that for the next release – and I will post a maven snapshot when it is done. Attributes row — The row to break at. The indentation of the cell value. Due to the change in logging in version 2. Headers and footers See the code below: Should the cell values shrink to fit? The script style of the font see jxl. Setting this flag involves an assessment of the trade-offs between memory usage and performance. Please note that if you map the DocumentServlet to some pattern, this file extension must also match.

The value is a string that can be one of “a4”, “a3”, “letter”, “legal” etc see jxl. Note that they can apply templates and have own font definitions etc just as normal cells. Use a plain number xls-font-color The color of the font see jxl. I have no problem generating a seqm, but I do not know how the send the csv back to the user.


Attributes startColumn — The starting column of the image. That is part of the solution but not the entire thing for this particular problem. You can place them pretty much anywhere but e.

Should the cell be locked. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The color of the font see jxl.

Fix excel export of search content views when waiting for execution

There are only two resources bundle keys used, both for invalid data format and both take a parameter the invalid value. Attributes firstColumn — The column of the top-left corner of the area. I have the same question 0. The value is a string that can be one of “general”, “number”, “text”, “date”, “formula” or “bool”.

The value is a string URI. Child elemenents none Facets none. The spans are optional and if omitted, the image will be inserted without resizing. The value is a number. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.