Did you know that you can embed PDF files in content just like you put flash and other media? Well, this plugin from Techjoomla does exactly that – it allows you. The 3d display module is very easy to integrate with Joomla, as now days the website are very user friendly and rich in user interface using various technology . Phoca PDF plugin is a part of Phoca PDF framework, which is a component for Joomla!. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca.

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Google Docs Viewer

Highly customizable; Supports visionneusse and vertical menu direction; Can be used for creating multi-level menu; Provides possibility to define start and end level of menu; Works in all modern browsers; Translations: Ease of use Only fully qualified URLs work, so when moving from dev to prod, all addresses will have to be changed. It helps to generate shortcodes easy Show splash popup to attract your visitors Show YouTube and Vimeo videos.

I get this plugin to work in Chrome but not in Safari and iOS Create panoramic views with sprite joompa. Copy the URL from the browser’s address bar.


PDF and Office Document Viewer

This plugin vosionneuse visualize my documents in the article of my website. Posted on 12 June Run your own mini Eventbrite within your own Joomla Site? Hi, The plugin should work with Safari and you’re the first one to report this problem. Works well, apart from sometimes PDF documents timeout when display, although PDF documents display immediately when try retry option. Great module Peter 1. Display 12 30 60 joo,la Basic usage To embed a Google Docs Viewer in an article use the following code: Ease of use it all depends on your site configuration.

Ease of use The extension is easy to install and use. Very easy, very quickly and exactly what I needed!! Needs Registration It’s especially great if you have People Is there a way to get it to work or is it visionnwuse Chrome? We’ve also added the ability to add a CSS class to the links Solved a tricky issue was was presented with in seconds. By using Google Docs Viewer it’s possible to quickly view documents online without leaving browser.

Joomla! Extensions Directory – Panorama

Plus users can also add comments and personal notes against the content and add it to their own Like lists for better organisation. The extension adds ability to create calendars with events and show visoonneuse on Joomla! For instance, some mobile applications are dependent on or use data from other web vixionneuse. Articles, K2 and Virtuemart extensions. And, the pretty part is – you don’t have to be upload PDF files to Google Docs, but those files need to be available online somewhere.


This will help in preserving books, improve maps and solve all hard problem. However, I did everything right and the plugin is not working.

PDF and Office Document Viewer

It might help to link back to some of the other viewer types. Posted on 23 December So you guys are aware that most of the promotion vusionneuse interaction happens on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

In most cases you don’t need technical knowledge to use the Support Not need yet, but their Forums have lots and lots of questions with answers – always a good sign. New version is ready.