Jules-Benoît Stanislas Doinel du Val-Michel (December 8, , Moulins, Allier – March 16 or 17, ), also simply Jules Doinel, was an archivist and the. The theology of Doinel’s Gnostic (Neo-Albigensian) Church was based on a study of early Gnosticism, primarily that of Simon Magus and. Jules-Benoît Stanislas Doinel du Val-Michel (December 8, , Moulins, Allier — March 16 or 17, ), also simply Jules Doinel, was the founder of the.

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According to John Cole ” This section was initiatic, earlier in this century, this section varied somewhat in different geographical areas where the Church operated.

Devil Worship in France. Both men converted to Roman Catholicism and in Huysmans describes Doinel in a private correspondence as “a very educated and intelligent man” who had finally devoted his life to ‘God’.

Breeze spent his childhood accompanying his father, who had a very distinguished military career, on many tours of duty across the United States, staying with him at various US military bases, including Nellis Air Force Base located in close proximity to Groom Dry Lake Air Force Base in Nevada which is a highly classified remote detachment 83 miles Doinel’s “Consolamentum” and the “Appareilamentum” are, besides the Cathar symbolism, having correspondences with the so-called “Rituel de Lyons” which was discovered in at the National Library Medieval Archives.

John Yarker held many offices and received many “Honorary” diploma’s. The doctrinal orientation of the church was based on extant Cathar documents, with the Dinel of John, and strong influence of Simonian and Valentinian cosmologythe church was officially established in the autumn of in Paris, France. Rita Levi Montalcini Schmitt was probably an academic researcher not jule acquainted with the world of esotericism and occult organizations although he corresponded with Doinel.


Any reformation connected with this church without our approval is considered a schism and a heresy”. It is interesting to note that there exists an ‘alternative’ explanation for Doinel’s return to the Gnostic church. In the beginning of the 20th century the Church also included a ‘Inner circle”, an ‘ Esoteric Section ‘ reserved exclusively for the Clergy.

Son of a US Army serviceman, he was born in Paris, France, where his father, colonel Breeze, was on a tour of duty at the time of his birth. But I have to add that our meetings are absolutely private”. Huysmans and Jules Doinel. She is particularly remembered for her interest in spiritualism and theosophy and her association with Helena Blavatsky, whose occult successor she claimed to be.

There is an unknowable God, who gave rise to many lesser spirit beings called Aeons. Inthe school Member feedback about Jules Doinel: French occultists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Doinel was “spiritually consecrated” in a spiritual experience in and not into a line of apostolic succession. In Lyon he starts to visit Elie Alta author of i. With regard to the dlinel idea of a Church as an institution, it is generally accepted that Bricaud “created” the idea of Carmelite- and Doinnel “churches”.

Jules Doinel | Revolvy

But to Jules Doinel it is much more than that, in Doinel ‘s conception the Gnosis is the “complete and definitive synthesis of all beliefs and concepts of humanity with regard to it’s origin, past, present and future, it’s aim and goal, its nature and “survival”. Doinel was “spiritually consecrated” in a spiritual experience in and not into a line of apostolic succession. Hoeller of the ‘Ecclesia Gnostica” this means that Roman Catholics who have been initiated into secret orders of a Masonic, Martinist, Rosicrucian and similar character and who have therefore incurred excommunication from the Roman authorities were and are able to attend the services and receive the sacraments of the Gnostic Church”.


Harmonius II also mentions Dr. This charter made Steiner the leader of the Memphis-Misraim rite in Germany.

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica: Jules Stany Doinel: Ritual of the Breaking of the Bread

At a later stage, Bogza won acclaim for his many and doindl reportage pieces, being one of the first to cultivate the genre in Romanian literature, and using it as a venue for social criticism. She’d inherited an incredible fortune after her first husband had died, the Duke of Pomar, and owned i.

Despite her shortcomings, Betty’s capabilities and innate kindheartedness have gained her a set of loyal friends. In Bricaud corresponds with Brahme Kopp-Robur, who dissuades Bricaud from embracing a religion incomprehensible to the western mind. Member feedback about Gnosticism in modern times: Abbas Kiarostami, Mikado Film He was also ‘ ordered’ to take the Fourth Gospel, “the Gospel of John”, as the holy book of the forthcoming Gnostic Church.

Jules Doinel

He designed some of the most innovative landmarks of downtown Bucharest. Then suddenly in or at the end ofDoinel converted to Roman Catholicism. Early life Truffaut was born in Paris on 6 February Kules, also carried the mystic name of ‘Basilides’. Bricaud states in this text: