Gesetz über die juristischen Prüfungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Gesetz ueber die juristischen Pruefungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Related Forms – NRW. REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN DINSCRIPTION EINSCHREIBEFORMULAR Participan: REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN.

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A dismissal is never an immediate consequence of the negative evaluation of a judge, which might lead to a disciplinary proceeding.

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Tables of the relevant data also in absolute terms can be found in par. Decisions are subject to judicial review, cf. The CSM itself chooses from among the applicants. Two or three times a year, sometimes more, the Minister of Justice sends all members of the judiciary a list of the proposed appointments, promotions and assignments, up to several hundred at times. Nevertheless it should be noted that the total percentage of women of It can be assumed that if these matters give rise to objections they will not be appointed.

Otherwise there are no major reform initiatives regarding the training and evaluation system of judges and prosecutors currently underway. For a detailed description of this system given by the president of the higher regional court in Hamm cf. In other words, when several vacant posts will need to be filled in a relatively short space of juristenausbidungsgesetz, the candidates know their rankingposition from the juristenausgildungsgesetz procedure for the first vacant post and therefore may decide not to apply again in the near future.

Universität Düsseldorf: Course of studies

Niedersachsen22 The decision is reached on the basis of documents supplied jurisyenausbildungsgesetz the candidate, the result of the final exam and an extensive interview in the Ministry of Justice. It is also a kind of high-point to a nnrw to become a vice- president of a regional court or a court of appeal or head of a district court with increased salary. Every participant is thereby asked to give an anonymous opinion on the structure of the seminar, its practical effect, the quality of the trainers, their ability to deal with concrete questions from the participants etc.


A training period covering commercial and labor and social matters is usually also included. The income per year usually comprises 12 monthly salaries. The recommendations do not state norms defining judicial misconduct. Instanz, Manz Verlag, Wien ; Fasching: Career prosecutors are appointed by the Minister of Justice and usually the prosecutor general is involved in the recruitment proceedings.

Gens de justice, Dalloz,7th ed. The conditions for applying are as follows: Minister of Justice no voting right Schleswig-Holstein 12 members: The government appoints its director which, until now, has always been a member of the judiciary.

Recruitment, Professional Evaluation and Career of Judges

B The external intake. My own view is that it would be a good thing if, one day, other people were also appointed. The remark formulated above also applies to this election. In spite of this emphasis on theory, a decisive element of university education in law is training in the methods of “solving” a case, a legal problem. It deals with appeals on points of law only cassation. But it is fair to say that the group of elements 3.

Disciplinary proceedings do not last very long: Developing a Public Administration Perspective, M. The fact that the same general model is activated by using different organizational means allows to use the comparisons also for assessing their respective efficacy.

Access to top level is decided by the CSM. Vacant positions, however, will not be publicly advertised, applications are quite uuristenausbildungsgesetz instead prospective candidates have to rely on being presented by a member of the electoral committee. It might lead juristenausblldungsgesetz a dilution of responsibilities, in a domain where the contrary is necessary.

Casebooks are rare, because the emphasis of the courses lies more on principle than on precedent. It has had only limited success: No specific power is involved.

All sorts of people from different walks of life are invited by the ENM to run sessions and present papers. Schleswig-Holstein The decision is reached on the basis of documents supplied by the candidate and juristenausbildunfsgesetz result of the final exam. Such recommendations may be based on the vote of a brw commission, they may be given by jueistenausbildungsgesetz president of the higher regional court on his own account or there may have been a formal process involving another commission, in some cases consisting of judges.


The judge concerned is informed of the grade and has the right to appeal to the Judicial Board of the next higher court. Three of them are appointed respectively by the President of the Republic, the President of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate.

In principle, this should last four years. The same difficulties that he encountered nre collecting the relevant data he needed to write his paper were encountered, in various degrees, also by the authors of the papers concerning Austria, France, The Netherlands and Spain.

Recruitment, Professional Evaluation and Career of Judges

The aim of this is to guarantee the quality of training received and the performance of the candidates. Actual net Austria – Chapter 1 3. Strict logical thinking, exact interpretation of statutes, precise deduction from principles “Subsumtion” lie at the centre of this methodical training.

There are five grades: Debusmann, Deutsche Richterzeitungp. The numbers in brackets refer first to the number of women and second to the number of men admitted 5 Year Successful candidates Women Men 79 80 66 79 78 99 57 81 54 92 58 88 51 83 37 87 62 25 98 66 32 85 41 80 41 85 39 40 59 43 45 38 46 58 b The second competitive examination is open to civil servants lato sensu who have served for at least four years in this capacity. As far as recruitment and initial appointment are concerned, it seems that as yet no case has been brought before the courts; the most likely reason for this is that candidates who are not accepted seek employment elsewhere e.

The Annual Training Report serves as an important instrument for personnel and institutional management and for reforms and development in the field of further training for judges and public prosecutors for the report and the annual further training program, see http: