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Ljiljan,p, 1st edition. Yet, it is not quantity of the published works that makes Bosnian case distinguished, the remarkable quality of the translations is honoured by the eminent international and national awards granted to their translators.

: Kazivanja o Vjerovjesnicima – Ibn Kesir (online)

Znanost i fenomeni Kur’ana: Dec 6, 5: Komentar djela Bulugu’l-meram min edilleti’l-ahkam imama Muhameda b. It is clear the diference in productivity between the two decades, whereas appearas as the year of consolidation, after which can be noticed increasing growth tendency up to 18 titles.

Dec 15, 3: Hisn al-muslim min arkar al-Qur’an wa al-sunna Every Muslims Protection 7. Stazama srece i spokoja: In total, 13 integral and 4 partial translations of the Qur’an are included in the final bibliography.


On the basis of metholodological criterion, many of translated works can be, therefore, classified in a wide range of disciplines – theology, philosophy, philology, pedagogy, sociology, psychology, etc. The new, orientological, concept in the field of Oriental philology is proposed by Esad Kazivanua, a full-time professor of the Arabic language and literature at the Sarajevo Faculty of Kazvanja, also an affiliate member of the National Academy of Sciences in Damascus and the Academy of Sciences and Arts of BiH.

Univerzalna civilizacijska kur’anska vizija: PAMI,p.

Dobra knjiga,p, 2nd edition. As the main source of data on the overall publishing activity and book market in BiH, we relied on a text published in Bosniaca, the journal of National and University Library of BiH.

KAZIVANJE O VJEROVJESNICIMA 1 od 23 Adem Alejhi download

Fetch error Hmmm there seems to be a problem fetching this series right now. Kitab alf layla wa layla Nights: The bibliography lists several voluminous editions, many of which are texts written in classical Arabic with terminology related to a specific discipline.


El-Kalem,p, 8th edition. An-Nur,80 p. Avicena,p. Some public elementary schools in Canton Sarajevo also teach Arabic as the second foreign language.


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Kalila wa Dimna 2. Haris Grabus,p.

Magmu “a qisas al-anbiya’ Stories of the Prophets 3. Poetry, the most prestigious literary form of the Arabs, is represented with several books: Larlara fawq al-Nil Adrift on the Nile l.

The results in the field of translation and academic work vjerovjesnivima professor Durakovic brought him eminent awards, such are: As the matter of fact, only four new translations of the Qur’an appeared in Bosnian between and Mlivo, ; Karic, ; Atajic, ; Durakovic, Selected Stories 49 l. Nov 27, 9: Usfur min al-sarq A Sparrow from the East 2.

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Furqan,p. Bookline,5 Volumes. Fi zilal al-sadaqa In the Shade of Charity The Universe of the Sacred Text trans.