Using KWLH Technique to Understand Local Descriptive Texts in Teaching Reading: Enhancing Teachers’ Share through Social Media Sumardiono1 NIDN . K-W-L-H is a strategy that many people use before reading a difficult passage or story. In this particular strategy, you use this strategy before. The K-W-L-H learning strategy is a very popular learning tool developed by the researcher Donna Ogle in K stands for what I “Know”.

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We also use cookies to store information such as visitors’ preferences. How are techhnique going to find out? Stone state that the benefit of making connections is what the students kwl in understanding from thinking about what they are reading. Yet others learn to read a second, third or additional language, with or without having learned to read in their first language.

That is why many children cannot comprehend text. Become pepeling, so, we do not get Parental betrayed, to be disobedient children to the elderly. As the result, the students will get the most appropriate treatment to sharpen their reading comprehension or other skills in learning English.

Related to the text discussed in this article, the exploration is done in side of exploring the share of local descriptive text. Those are the kinds of jenang which is usually used in traditional Javanese ceremonies as mentioned above.

Related to the response of the members, the communication can be in many ways as described in Figure 2 below: By sharing the materials owlh the techniques in teaching through social media, the teachers of English can take advantages to be more creative, sensitive, and care to the technnique of learning situation and learning needs. Even the same reader interacting with the same text at different points in her life will experience it differently because the reader herself has changed over time.


Again, the teacher can shoot himself to read the text and upload in facebook group about the reading texts and ask the students work with KWLH chart. A Resource Book for Professional Development. Matrix for planning and gathering initial information.

Tokyo Development Learning Centre. Blended Learning in the Development Context. Summing Up To sum up, KWLH strategy is indeed useful strategy in reading comprehension to see the linguistic, culture, and curriculum diversity.

Retrieved on October 11th,from http: Some children and adults need additional help. Some other kinds of jenang include jenang grendul, dodol, jenang of apple, etc. It can provide students opportunities to participate.

Introduction to Genre Based Approach. Help Center Find new research papers in: Slametan thanksgiving party of pitonan seven-month ceremony. Click here to sign up. The students must make high-quality, relevant connections about the text to make meaning of their reading. Here are many kinds of jenang in Javanese culture.

KWHL chart

Reading consists of two related processes: The addition H is as proposed by Wuryanto The theoretical and practical explanation below describes the best practice. The K-W-L-H teaching technique is a good method to help students activate prior knowledge in reading. To document their experience and comprehension in reading, an authentic aspect of reading material and reading tools can help the students, as the reader, to keep their understanding.


This best practice is of great significance for teaching reading of genre texts, especially readings with problems encountered in the passages. In details, the elaboration on comprehending the reading of local decriptive text is realized in form of filling KWLH charts done by the learners.

Pre- Reading Strategy K-W-L-H by brook kazyak on Prezi

Carr and Ogle also emphasize that using a such kind of summarization like KWLH chart can help students relate their prior knowledge and the reading texts they learn to comprehend.

The learning process has evolved to a point where learners are sharing, exploring, and seeking information and knowledge from multiple and diverse sources. What attributes or characteristic should we focus on? Students, Texts, and Contexts. Then the cross, reciprocal, and mixed textures of the porridge occur as the birth of a child. Lawrence Elbaum Associates Inc. In addition, being respectful means honoring and technnique considerate of others.

Text Function is to describe a particular person, place or thing. Grabe categorizes it into shared reading which is defined to one of patterns of variation in reading.

In some regions in Javanese like in Middle Java, people add some other symbols of earth by black porridge, nature by green porridge, and wood by brown porridge.