Kathleen McGowan (born March 22, ) is an American author. Her novel The Expected One The third novel of the series is The Poet Prince, published in , focusing on the life of Lorenzo de Medici. Each novel of the series features . La Esperada by Kathleen McGowan, , available at Book Depository Maureen viaja hasta Occitania, la tierra donde sigue vivo el legado de los. La Esperada (Spanish Edition) () by Kathleen McGowan and a great Ahora, el evangelio que ella escribió amenaza de nuevo a la iglesia.

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Kathleen McGowan

In order for God’s will to be carried out, Jesus planned his arrest very carefully to avoid rioting and violence. Is the book similar to The Da Vinci Code??

When I previously used the word brain washed I meant it in very general terms, and I am sure many of us are affected by our upbringings and surroundings whether we are truly aware of it or not. It begins with a mysterious encounter in a shop in Jerusalem, which leads into a vision of Mary Magdalene the day of the Crucifixion.

I’ve know the author, Kathleen, through various channels. Such a beautiful love story. May you all have a chance to read this fine tale I am religious and spiritual, but I pride myself on being ds minded as well.

It made me reexamine things I thought I knew for esperda about the life of Christ, making me feel even closer to understanding the Son of God. On a second side note, the author calls herself a “antiacademic” – defining her “radical belief” that it is “irresponsible to accept what was written down.


Therefore, if one feels strongly or believes wholeheartedly a certain way they may not be open minded enough to step out of their particular perspective to view things from a different point ewperada view that might be in opposition to what they have always believed. Interesting way to look at things, huh? FranceJudea26 RomeItaly. See 1 question about La Esperada….

Great book and great insight into a woman that the world wants to hide away. Even when words are translated correctly, the meanings evolve over time.

Kathlesn found espwrada book utterly fascinating. I recommend to everyone. Suggested to me by Susie Brown. What I loved most, however, is how eloquently the author took biblical “villains” and made them human with a role to play in our eternal salvation. It paints a very intriguing picture of her, and Him, and many other names from Religious History as well which is where the series part comes in, as mentioned in the Afterword.

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American historical novelists Living people American women novelists American female songwriters American songwriters Women edperada novelists births. Portrays Mary Magdalene not as an untrustworthy prostitute, but as Jesus’s wife and mother to his children.

I thought this book was fantastic. View all 4 comments.

La Esperada by Kathleen McGowan (5 star ratings)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In fact, Pilate was just a man and he made a choice based upon the information he had.

Within this book, the author includes what she claims is actual translations from the Arques Gospel Mary’s Gospel. I am always curious about other people’s beliefs and about the what ifs that “conspiracy theories” put out there. It also recounts several people and tales laa the Bible that never sat right with me as a child, and having read these versions of events now, i find great peace and clarity about these moments in history, which were so distorted by politics, religious domination, and the hatred and misunderstanding toward great women of all times and eras.


We mcgowsn cookies to give you the best possible experience. Many historians and scholars know that in AD when today’s Bible was assembled, the priests had more than 40 gospels to choose from to illustrate Jesus’ teachings, but only kathleen four.

Kathleen takes her readers into a whole new world that merges faith, history and lessons we can all learn from our lives and the lives of our ancestors.

I am a published author myself. For me, this historical perspective made logical sense to the math teacher within me, and resonated passionately, hence this long review. There are “cons I found this book at the library the other day and something made me pick it up and add it to my list. I sincerely felt it lx very well written, extremely detailed, and overall an inspiring perspective on a history which has been altered by humans multitudes of times.

I really do not intend to add to the con Truly amazing read.