Weight Assembly Front Indicator Framework W laumas Electronic: Amazon. : Business, Industry & Science. Two serial ports (RS and RS) for connection to: PC/PLC up to 32 instruments (max 99 with line repeaters) by ASCII Laumas protocol (compatible with. Batteries: Laumas provides 1 year guarantee from the date of delivery note, 31 -. OPZW1RS ADDITIONAL RS PORT. Instrument. Version. W

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Space saving compact design. Latest News Weigh More Options with Laumas Laumas weight lwumas and indicators are now in stock and ready for quick shipment. China weigh in scales China gold weighing scale China weighing system.

Five-key keypad for the system calibration. Laumas provides 1 year guarantee from the date of delivery note, against material defects or battery manufacturing faults. Concerning returned goods with calibrated versions and options such as calibration, the first periodic verification, certifications will be credited the amount of item regardless of the calibration, adjustements and the options.

TEST key for direct access to the diagnostic functions. This expanded inventory includes: Prices are with packing included. For options ask for offer. Before requesting direct assistance please kindly check that your question has not already been reported and solved in this section. Eight independent reading channels.


For your convenience we have subdivided the problems into different areas: It is possible to have the repair in guarantee on lau,as that the returned product has not transformed, damaged or repaired without authorization. The outputs can work as five set points or can be remotely switched via protocol.


Not exactly what you want? Contact us for a Laumas weighing solution specifically suited to your application. We do not accept credit cards and domestic orders.

China camry weigh scale China global weighing China 2 ton weighing scale. The guarantee covers only defected parts and includes the replacement parts and labour.

Six-digit red LED display 14 mm height. Prices are subject to change without notice and are always updated on the web site www.

All shipping and packing costs are paid by the customer. The weights of the listed products are indicative and are exclusive of packaging.



Load distribution synoptic analysis on 8 laumsa with backups archive: Four buttons for the system calibration. Weighing system with 8 independent reading channels for load cells. Four-key keypad for the system calibration. Weigh More Options with Laumas.

IP54 front panel protection IP65 optional. Load distribution automatic monitoring on 8 channels. GH Binroth has a large selection of Laumas weight transmitters and indicators in stock now for quick shipment. China manual weighing China weighing scale parts China simple weighing. Two serial ports RS and RS for connection to: Our company keeps the right to laaumas its products without giving notice.

Laumas W100 RIP – Six-digit remote display (h 14mm)

In this section we have some answers to the questions we receive most often. Digital equalization of the 8 channels. Detailed diagnostics of the 8 channels. Weight Indicator in DIN case 48 x 96 x mm, drilling template 44 x 91mm for panel mounting.