Documents Similar To Le Grand Macabre – Ligeti. Christophe Uploaded by. butaotokodesu. Ligeti – Nouvelles Aventures. Uploaded by. ligetirocksu. Libretto by György Ligeti and Michael Meschke freely adapted from Michel de Ghelderode’s play “La Balade du Grand Macabre”. Welcome to Ligeti’s ‘anti-anti-opera’, Le Grande Macabre, writes Tom With his co-librettist, Michael Meschke, who also directed the first.

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Farewell in cheerfulness, farewell! In the opera, however, he does not forge a new musical language. When a wave of liberalism swept through Budapest inRussia sent in tanks, and whilst the border with Austria was temporarily open, Ligeti escaped with somerefugees.

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Le Grand Macabre

Piet and Astradamors get Nekrotzar drunk. They do so, but force Go-go to mount a giant rocking horse for his “riding lesson.

Nekrotzar says only “Up! Astradamors and Piet float by, and Go-go invites them for a drink of wine.

Le Grand Macabre

The lovers, confused, discover Piet and become enraged, believing he is spying on them. His central problem with both was their use of pre-compositional systems.


The libretto blends moments of Falstaffian pretension with silent-screen slapstick, constantly poking fun at human foibles. He maintains that he is the figure of Death who grxnd come to Breugelland in order to wipe out the entire population and thereby also the whole of mankind with the aid of a comet that very day at midnight. When the curtain rises, we can just make out the silhouette of a huge hand, behind which Piet appears.

Nekrotzar tries to mount the rocking horse, commanding “in the name of the Almighty, I smite the world to pieces. September 7 —October 5.

Opera | Le Grand Macabre |György Ligeti |The Norwegian National Opera

Finally everyone sings the moral of the story: Piet must become Death’s slave and retrieve all of his “instruments” from the tomb. We use Cookies on our website in order to improve services. Melting snow is thy breast 8. Nobody in Hungary would think this way.

Go-go comprehends the message: These epic allegories, depicting brutality, licentiousness and excess, are more characteristic of medieval than renaissance art. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Published in the ENO programme This is a body that thinks itself besieged by sickness: And that’s the point about Le Grand Macabre: Only his mother survived.


The two dance and sing “Huzzah! Arriving in the West, virtually unknown at the age of 33, he made for Cologne, where he was welcomed by Stockhausen and introduced to the firebrands of the musical avant-garde.

There’s no need to fear Ensemble intercontemporain; students of Conservatoire de Paris. He insists that Piet must be his horse, and Piet’s only protest ligretto to give his final cry, “cock-a-doodle-doo!

Le Grand Macabre Libretto

In Breughelland in some century or other. The original names of the lovers, Clitoris and Spermando, had already been altered to Amanda and Amando so as not to offend German audiences; but the melting lyricism of their music is no less affecting.

The Grim Reaper Nekrotzar is too drunk, dissolute and incapable to fulfil his threats. Astradamors rises, protesting that “spiders always give [him] nausea.

It splits apart, and gradually decomposes.