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Courts can appoint a single or joint impartial expert from a list previously approved by the Court of Appeals of each jurisdiction. The new regulations on liability are consistent with the provisions on liability for collective environmental damage set out in the National Environmental Policy Law 25, Disclosure and privilege In general all procedural laws provide that in their first appearance before the court, both the claimant and defendant must submit all factual and expert witness evidence to support his or her positions.

However, when cases are similar, courts base their decisions on precedents within the jurisdiction, and also under the Federal Supreme Court’s jurisprudence. Most of the local procedural codes in Argentina provide for compulsory private mediation between the parties in order to settle the dispute before going to court.

The statute of limitation is five years for a breach of contract and tort. Interim awards The procedural rules do not allow interim awards, except for preliminary or preventative injunctions to prevent potential irreparable loss or injuries to the claimant. Los servicios centrales del Instituto son: This is the most common way in which environmental claims are made against companies that carry out their activity in the oil and gas and mining industries. In other words, collective actions require a collective interest and, to that end, the “class” must be part of a common factual situation and result.


Recovering damages In case of joint and severable liability, defendants can recover damages from other defendants or other third parties responsible for the conduct complained of, by means of a separate claim or collection action. Nonetheless, the decision of judges in a claim for injunctive relief can be final or provisional and judges should order measures in the least restrictive, but most effective manner.

Likewise, if an asset has a hidden defect and is transferred, the transferor may be held liable for damages after the transfer. Claims made under the Consumer Protection Act have a limitation period of three years. If the grounds for appeal are not submitted, the appeal will be dismissed.

An individual entitled to protect collective rights, such as a proxy or anyone having obtained proper authorisation to represent a class. Environmental standards Under the new code, energy and natural resources are considered “things”, as they are resources for people. The new code recognises the environmental role of contracts and individual rights.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

TL datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. This request must be made to the court, who can then order the opposing party or a third party to submit the referred documentation under penalty. For example, there is no agreement as to whether public officials, such as mayors or deputies, have legal standing to bring collective actions.

Before litigation Not applicable. If a court order has not been issued, parties are not obliged to submit litigation documents or leey other documents. Procedural rules forbid parties’ direct relatives from being witnesses. The only financial aid available for any litigation in Argentina is known as benficio de litigar sin gastos.


Tl datasheet pdf There is no cap on the amount of damages that can be recovered from a single defendant, or overall. These sorts of collective claims typically arise in relation to environmental, health or consumption issues, or in issues involving certain protected groups of people. Pre-trial evidence can include: In the case of settlement, each party must cover its own costs. In Argentina, all courts’ decisions can be challenged by affected parties by means of an appeal before the competent Court of Appeals of each jurisdiction.

Class/collective actions in Argentina: overview

At the hearing, witnesses are generally cross-examined. Since this financial aid acts as a declaration of poverty, claimants who have obtained this declaration must remain in need of financial support during the whole judicial process, otherwise the benefit can be revoked. Liability The owner or custodian of an asset that causes damage to the environment may be held liable. In general terms, judges must consider, for the purposes of determining whether a claimant has standing to represent a class, whether the claim is based lwy collective rights.

The Argentine Constitution states that amparo actions involving environmental or consumer rights of a collective nature must have a specific and efficient procedural system.