Alvaro Carballo, a Costa Rican real estate attorney, has compiled a comprehensive check list of items that . with Article 31 and 47 of the Ley Sobre la Zona Maritimo Terrestre (Carballo, 28 June interview). . , was signed into law. La Uruca, San José, Costa Rica, lunes 8 de julio del AÑO CXXXV. Nº con sujeción a los plazos establecidos por la Ley Nº , artículo. In Costa Rica there is no foreign investment law. Costa Rica . On June 8, , the Law on Exproriation (Nueva Ley of May 3, ). The new law aims.

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Ports in Costa Rica are part of two of the most important cruise market regions in the world: It is important to indicate that appraisals only take into account permanent real damages, excluding future acts and expectations of a vosta that may affect the property and the increased values derived from the project that is grounds for the expropriation Article In the Bilateral Treaty on the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investment with the Federal Republic of Germany[1] it has been established in Article 1 that the concept of “investments” includes all classes of goods, particularly: It is also the reason why a statistical system is necessary, since it would help perform annual updates of the most relevant numbers in the main tourist segments in Costa Rica.

Two large activities are the responsibility of this unit, one is the concession of the land acquired for the development of tourism projects, and the other is the construction of public infrastructure that allows the consolidation of said development. It guarantees the lry of the Board of Directors are implemented, and coordinates the action of the entity with the other institutions of the State and the private sector.

The implementation of the design stage of the Competitive Job Description Manual, will be timely input for this process. The work processes of costaa unit are: The event will feature participation from local and international experts, who will hold talks and panels.


The proposal is in essence an environmental impact statement that must include detailed information about possible damage to the environment, proposed rights of way and other necessary infrastructure developments.

Ley Nº – Ley de Expropiaciones.

Keep in mind when receiving advice from current rixa and rentistas who have been residing in Costa Rica since beforethat the laws governing such residency status have changed. There are legal steps that can be taken to rid one’s land of squatters. Definition of the positions for the candidates, comprised of the identification of the basic skills that they should collect. Concessions in the Golfo de Papagayo Tourism Development. Here you will find the aeronautical agreements valid for Costa Rica.

Text available only on PDF format. Playa Coyotera Image Playa Coyotera 2.


In this context, the executed tasks look to advise and warn, but also to regulate, let it is a part of the Control and Regulation System of the Public Finance. This element will have a support function for the Personnel Services process. It provides technical assistance to the Executive President to guarantee an efficient compliance of the duties and objectives of the Cotsa and report to the Board of Directors the correct operation of the Institution.

Coordinating and publishing informative material for tourists. To conclude the pertinent efforts this Consulting Body finds in the existing 7459 block its greatest strength, basing its actions on the best principles, standards, and public management practices that guarantee compliance with the institutional objectives.

Known as one of the units with higher level information technology culture, it has several information systems developed to accomplish its objective: The number of passengers and cruises in these markets has increased significantly, which leads to favorable growth perspectives.

The following decentralized bodies depend on the Board of Directors: Tourist Marinas provide the necessary infrastructure for the adequate functioning of recreational and tourist activities related to the nautical activity.

Within the Administrative Process it operates independently from the Institutional Procurement.

Alvaro Carballo, a Costa Rican real estate attorney, has compiled a comprehensive check list of items that should be verified before a purchase. In conformity with the established in the Financial Regulations and other internal standards.


Manage in the best cosra possible financial and physical resources, as well as Talent, which support institutional tasks in an effective and efficient manner, as well as the management of the internal administrative cpsta, implementing strategies that guarantee their efficient use, under the principles of transparency, legality, and rational use of the resources.

Job Description Manual Design: Assist international press groups touring the country that will offer exposure of tourism products in the media by unpaid advertising. A notary must be present at the closing. Legal Management Unit – Procedural: With respect to the constitutional basis for expropriation, Article 45 stipulates: If the condemnee considers that the deposit does not correspond to the fair price, the administrative appraisal may be challenged by judicial process.

Work Sub process Has the function to manage the set of practices by which workers can accomplish the following: Tourism declaration and tourism contract. Facilitate general services required for the execution of activities that have been appointed to other dependencies of the Institute. Establecer sus propias normas internas de funcionamiento dentro del marco legal vigente.

Rocas de Amancio Image Rocas de Amancio 2. Execute activities related to advertising Costa Rica as a tourism destination in both, national and international scopes.

Certification For Sustainable Tourism

Provide water, electricity, telephone, terrestrial transport inside the country, surveillance, and cleaning services, as well as other services that guarantee an optimal stay for both, the employees and the users of lfy institution procurement and maintenance of air conditioning, fumigation services, maintenance of extinguisher, maintenance or green areas, among other.

This department provides information and assistance to the tourism sector. Promotion of Standards and Quality Systems Monitoring the competitiveness of tourism companies Institutional Environmental Management National Strategy for Climate Change Increase sensitivity and awareness Social Responsibility in the Tourism Industry Certification for Sustainable Tourism in its different categories induction, accompaniment, evaluation, and follow-up.