Gösta Hedegård, Liber Iuratus Honorii: A Critical Edition of the Latin Version of the Sworn Book of Honorius (Studia Latina Stockholmiensia, 48) Stockholm. Sources for the Liber iuratus Honorii and The Sworn Book of Honorius. . Liber iuratus Honorii is a handbook on ceremonial magic, and is. Liber Juratus or. The Sworne Booke of Honorius. [1r] when wycked sprites ware gathered to gether intending to sende devills in to the hartts off men to the.

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First, that this book should be delivered to no man until such time as the master of the art were in jeopardy of death, and That it should be copied but to three at the most, and That it should be delivered to no woman, nor to any man except he were of lawful age, and he should also be both Godly and faithful, whose Godly behavior had been tried for the space of a whole year, and That this book should no more hereafter be destroyed, but that it should be restored again to the honor, or to his successors, and.

Iuraus have also supplied translations of some of the Latin passages. There be other spirits of the Moon, which be these: For the which you may work, as in the chapters before written it appears more plainly.

Hic recita petycyonem tuam sed per deita dic ut seq- uitur Item in eodem concilio, ut ignota angelorum nomina nee fingantur, nee nomi- But I would lil e to propose that at least one element dence that depends on textual details particular to the London version suggests of this text-the role and representation of angels-can offer us insight into the a date for the redaction of that version most probably during the pontificates of author’s appropriation of Jewish and Islamic magical practices for a purportedly John XXII liger his successor, Benedict XII And so this name of art magic is compounded of this word magos which is as much to say as ‘wise,’ and of ycos which by interpretation is ‘knowledge.


For like as we are compelled by the Christian verity to acknowledge every person by himself to be God and Lord, so hoonorii we forbidden by the Catholic religion to say there are three Gods or three Lords. And after this, our exile, Show us the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Similiter omnipotens pater, omnipotens filis.

ONand in the next under the seventh cross: The Book of Ceremonial Magic.

The Sworn Book of Honorius – Wikipedia

honofii See all 14 reviews. Some of them serve God only, and those are the nine orders of angels, that is to say, cherubin, seraphin, thrones, dominations, virtues, principates, potestates, archangels, and angels.

This is of course the letter name of God on the Seal of God. Conjuring Spirits “planetary” angels, “aery” angels, and “terrestrial” angels.

The first certain historical record is the trial record of Olivier Pepin from Mende, France. Royal MS 17Axlii Latin and English, dated mid-sixteenth century because of borrowing from Agrippa not found in the older manuscripts.

Liber Juratus Honorii, or the Sworn Book of Honorius

Richard Kieckhefer, Forbidden Rites: Suffumigacions of the facies of the. SamahelSatiel var. The day following, honorij is to say upon Saturday, uonorii must do even as ye did the day before. The Son is of the Father alone, not made nor created, but begotten. Cornell University Press, Who, although he be God and Man, yet he is not two, but one Christ. Now that we have finished the First Treatise of this book, here followeth now the second, which like as the first had six chapters, of the which we have by the grace of God treated.


Garnish my soul, O Lord, that I may see thy face and hear thy glory and praise.

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The Journal of Esoteric Studies 3 Pater a nullo est factus: For the sight of the Deity will not be had honorij perfect pureness, for he will not be constrained, but prayed unto and entreated.

Tavistock, an acceptable theological position by avoiding explicit conjurations of the high- Lerner, Jesse Njus, Dylan C.

God, of the substance of the Father, begotten before the worlds; and Man, of the substance of his mother, born in the world. Symbolum Athanasianum] “Whoever wishes to be saved [and have the vision of God], should above all things hold to the Catholic faith. lober

The Father is made of none, neither created, nor begotten. Jewish magic and mysticism that influenced Christian angel magic.

But in this work following clean apparel is necessary, for angels do abide with men and they be clean, and therefore they desire to have clean apparel.