Lingua Latina per se Illustrata has ratings and 48 reviews. Entirely I’ve finally finished ‘Familia Romana’ part one of two of Orberg’s Lingua Latina course . Lingua Latina, Part I has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. Thomas said: You need very little knowledge of Latin or the Romance Languages to comprehend the text. Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina per se illustrata series is the world’s premiere textbook for learning Latin via the Natural Method. Students first learn grammar and.

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Roma aeterna by Hans H. Also, you can download some vocabularies for free from here: I would, however, recommend to use apps like Anki to build your own vocabulary list and to try to do so by using Latin as much as you can, just like the books do, and to put one or two example sentences from the texts in there for each word you want to practice. I have so much to say about how awesome this book is, but instead I will point you to my review of Wheelock and say that Lingua Latina is everything Wheelock is not.

Lingua Latina – Familia Romana : Hans Henning Orberg :

latnia J rated it it was amazing Apr 06, The course consists of two parts: Nonetheless, it remains unsurpassed. I’ve updated the OP to include this. Lingua Latina, Part I: You definitely need to get through the second book in the series in order to be able to move on to genuine works in classical Latin, however, Vulgate is readable after finishing this first book.

I bought the Kindle version of this book and just started reading it a few hours ago. Some vocabularies are also downloadable for free from this site. It should rather be used as supplementary reading to a textbook written in English explaining all the various grammatical constructs in the language.

For all those eager to learn Latin

I think LL is excellent. Often, sentences are given twice, with a new word or new construction in the second sentence. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Rest assured, with the appropriate amount of time and effort, you’ll be able to read things as challenging as Saint Augustine and the Venerable Bede if you have a dictionary beside you—poetry, and some of the more classical stuff, I’m afraid, may still give you a bit of a headache.

I would again recommend the CD-ROM versions here as they allow you to practice interactively and give you the solutions right away. Lingua Latina helps you learn the language through context, through repeated reading of a story, and not through translation, so that by the end you should be able to read fairly fluently in Latin without going through the hassle of translating it in order to understand.

Prol3psis 25 25 24 14 11 In my lifetime, I have taken about five different Latin courses, and this is the only one that ever really stuck. Zaya Reyes marked it as to-read Nov 29, Paperbackpages. Lingua Latina per se Illustrata: The Best Books of Although the text is accessible to students as young as 9, the test is advanced enough for college-aged learners, and beyond.

In some ways rebuilding curricula etc from scratch would bear a lot of fruit, but the reality is that working within the current system is going to benefit more people in the short term.

But I still couldn’t read linyua and resorted to the odberg way of reading that is often taught with Latin: This is mostly for the danish crowd. Fran — I do remember you. The exercises at the end of each chapter are perfect for practicing a grammatical concept, and you truly can become a reader of authentic texts by the end of this book.

Aleena rated it it was amazing Sep 26, The book does get harder quite quickly probably rather too quicklyso students need to be prepared to concentrate and use understanding of other languages they’ve learnt. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Vere Hans H Orberg vir doctissimus est. Thank you very much! I’m now tackling the second book in the layina, which quickly shifts into unadapted texts, which is pretty damn exciting. Thus, no list of vocabulary and translations is provided in this volume. Learn llingua your comment data is processed. The program is based on the idea that, rather than memorizing charts and writing translations, the best way to learn Latin is by reading it and intuitively learning the meaning of the grammar and words.


Return to Book Page. Related Discussions Let’s learn Latin! Dwane Thomas’s online classes, I found that I learned far more from this difficult book than from any ‘easy’ Latin course based solely on memorization. Despite I orbert marked the book as read, I confess I am re-reading the left and right margins of it to memorize vocabulary. He is the author of the Latin course “Lingua Latina secundum naturae rationem explicata” 56 ; the course was revised in 91, with a number of supplements, under the title “Lingua Latina per se illustrata.

I am not much of a grammarian, and I feel that Orberg’s emphasis on immersion rather than grammar although grammar is still a large component of the course suited me more than another approach to mastering the language might have.

He envisaged it as a direct method text for reading. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Latia is the reason why this is called the “natural approach”. It is difficult not to learn vocabulary by reading like this. The thirty-five chapters describe the life of a Roman family in the 2nd century A. Take it slow, do the exercises, lingu each chapter, make sure you know the grammar at each stage.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The texts are based mainly on a Roman family and their household; it’s a good introduction to Roman life and one even starts to feel like one knows the people – I will be sad to leave them at the end of the book!