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He was never seen or heard from again and to this date nothing is known about his ultimate fate.

I don’t want any more children sent to the camps and their mothers forced to divorce their fathers. This book is not dde featured on Listopia.

Through this author’s bravery we are able to see Kim Jong Il’s perfect communist society for what it is– a people not unlike a horribly beaten dog– starved, punished for little or no rule violations, and fearful of its master.

This is the second book about life in North Korea that I’ve read recently. Books by Kang Chol-Hwan. I don’t want to see any more skeletal children with wide, frightened eyes. There would be terrible collateral damage in the short, but in the long it will be much better for the world.

And in the end, there is the realisation that North Korea’s evil political system was created by humans, so it represents the possibility for evil w For those who think evil doesn’t exist or is a word that shouldn’t be said out loud, this memoir is a useful introduction to reality. The author was loa and brought up in Japan to Korean-Japanese parents and his grandmother was passionately communist and begged her husband to take the family to North Korea. The teams antics that night were seen as corrupt and landed almost the entire team in concentration camps upon their return.


View all 7 comments. People almost entirely can only be selfish if they wish to survive.

Comienza un calvario que durar diez aos: As a child, he was imprisoned in the Yodok concentration camp for 10 years. This book is a horror story about unspeakable suffering and human evil and it is hard not to be moved by it.

I wish the USA would just destroy everything! How pyongyng can a political system that brings out the worst in people be described?

Los acuarios de Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan (5 star ratings)

I found myself getting angrier and angrier as the book went on. They chose to return to their home country out of belief in the communist dream, only to be captured and imprisoned by the authorities with little to no acuatios when their blind trust in the government did not appear blind enough.

To ask other readers questions about Los acuarios de Pyongyangplease sign up. Shing Dong-hyuk was brought to the camp after nine years of a relatively comfortable upper middle class existence, and his adjustment as a child and then teenager to a life of forced labor, beatings, starvation and other hardships makes for incredibly harrowing reading.


They were both “purged” the same as Stalin and Hitler add Hussein? In George W. I have read extensively on life and surviving the Nazi, Russian, Korean, and African concentration camps. No matter the defector, they are always stunned to see the prevalence of meat. It is only through reading this memoir for yourself that you will understand its importance and impact.

Yet nothing seems to shake the uncritical reverence to the ancestors. This and a number of other books pyoongyang be assigned reading for every student in American schools.

A portrait of the human capacity to harm each others, not only the government but lks prisoners in the concentration camps. A stint in the sweatbox could be crippling, with permanent aftereffects.

Los acuarios de Pyongyang

Because he is fallen out of grace with the party power, the author distances himself from the personality cult of the North Korean leaders.

It was originally written in French and later translated into English. Sus abuelos son favorables al rrimen de Kim Il Sung. The same way, children are indoctrinated from an early age to unconditionally love their leader, yet the tools of this indoctrination come out as the caring teachers that were good.