2 days ago I’m having problems syncing my MacJournal data from my iPad to my Mac. Either my iPad doesn’t see my Mac, or the sync never completes. Unlike other journal applications, MacJournal is packed with features, setting it apart. “MacJournal remains our app of choice for digital diary keeping.”. From the songs you download to the movies you watch on them, the iPhone, iPad , and iPod are distinct to your tastes. MacJournal for iOS is a lot like that too.

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This would increase the chance of sync conflicts, which could cause problems in your data files.

MacJournal for the iPad – MacStories

Cannot have a full screen to write on. I can delete it and download it again, but will lose all my data.

I would give it minus stars if that were allowed. The latest update broke my Dropbox sync. I accepted the recent update. To start the syncing process, tap the name of the device with which you want to sync.

Just check reviews and if this problem is solved, then fine, go ahead and spend the money otherwise, stick with Day One on you iPad or iPhone. But I have another app that uses Dropbox sync and they have never had an issue. Can’t find any info in the user guide either. It works beautifully with the Ira Progoff Intensive Journal method. Advertisements or commercial links. Hopefully that wasn’t just because I’m a kick ass MacStories celebrity.


It has good interface with one exception. First, this was not easy to sync between my MacBook and the Ipad, though I finally was able to do it with drop box.

Hit home button again go back to main screen and then hit home button twice slide up all background apps.

I try to copy-paste something into an entry, then tag it and it crashes, losing everything. So when I reopened MacJournal it downloaded what was on Dropbox, which did not include the latest text entry.

Well done and thank you. And it works perfectly for them. But I would also like to be able to use it: I love the Mac version of this program so I decided to get this as a companion.

MacJournal for iPad for iOS – Free download and software reviews – CNET

I then restarted the iPad and relaunched the app, this time ipzd password screen came up and I entered the password and the app opened to my iapd entry.

Smart journals allow you to gather entries based on a topic, body text, or tags, useful for have not having to manage a hierarchy of folders based on similar contexts. You can keep your world private or, like so many do, share your thoughts and opinions or your entire life.

Personally, I’m surprised a dark blue wasn’t used to stay consistent with the lovely app icon. I would not recommend this app. Update corrupted my journal and I lost all my writing from the last time I synced. Macjournal For Ipad App Screenshots. And, make frequent backups of macmournal data upside their backup system then it works great.


The other cool stuff. With the latest version, I am constantly losing data!

The circle keeps spinning like it’s loading then it crashes! A Club MacStories membership includes: The “nearly” is necessary since there seem to be ongoing and somewhat mysterious sync difficulties for some users including me. It is too bad about this, because MacJournal for Mac is a great app, and having these companion apps was a big help.

Kind of a hassle, but at least it’ll survive! I am not into beta testing an app I already paid for. Languages English, Dutch, French.


The search options are overlapped by the Cancel button so you cannot select the search scope. With all the features in MacJournal, you will find that starting and keeping a journal for yourself personally, for school or business, mscjournal be as fun and entertaining as it is serious. If I add text to a day’s entry on the iPad and then close the program and then open MacJournal macjouurnal, the newly entered text has disappeared.