I will begin by saying that the original Cult of Ecstasy Tradition Book was my favorite of The Cult of Ecstasy aren’t just the “party mages” one might expect from. When the mages get to the party, though, they find out that there’s a very specific point to all the revelry. The Cult of Ecstasy does use things like drugs and music. When interfaced with the Lakishim the mage is briefly like unto a god, and can Cult of Ecstasy mages only suffer half the penalty of other mages for having.

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A lot of Cultists become addicted to drugs or absorbed by their chosen ecstay to the point that nothing else can get beyond it into their lives. Cult mages also fall prey to their own chaos. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

Cult of Ecstasy – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

As the very basic touchpoint of our understanding of the world, being able to shift your senses or otherwise trick your mind into the varied cukt to enforce your Will into making the hallucination real. Consorting with the mercurial fae, the Fellowship of Pan indulges in clut of sex, drinking, and Muse-inspired poetry and debate. We’re opposite sides of the same coin. Its message comes to people through this music, urging people to cast aside their banal notions in favor of ecstasy, experience and their own mad visions.

To the Cult of Ecstasy, Magic is rooted in sensation. Other peoples’ perceptions can also be altered.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. There’s no need to drag down sex and pain when they can raise you up. The core of the Cult’s approach to magic lies in the belief that the senses can be extended to include just about everything. This “coolness” factor is not necessarily an automatic backstage pass, and it is not really helpful beyond some face recognition and a number of casual acquaintances, but it definitely helps smooth things out when traveling in local artistic and philosophical circles.


Like many mages, most newly awakened Cultists have trouble separating the will to perform magic from the foci that help channel it into being. Usually this indulgence has some sort of downside. Chantry houses tend to resemble community hangouts, jam-session rooms or fraternity houses more than magical workplaces, and they’re often inhabited by several Cultists and a handful of Sleepers.

A Cultist might begin the day working hard at the gym, spend the afternoon debating philosophy with professors at the local university, follow dinner by jumping into the pit at an underground punk show and then rave til dawn with the local club-going elite.

Paradigm Summary: Cult of Ecstasy

From black-tie events where people lose themselves in a lovely Opera to a rave in a black and neon nightclub that smells of sweat, desperation and wild abandon. Members of this group tend to have an intellectual streak, using debate and discussion as tools just as much as action. A dead body cannot hope to reach Ecstaay, after all.

The contrast between discipline and chaos lets them cut loose from the limits of experience to open their doors of perception in controlled ways. The Aghoris are a centuries-old faction near Bengali in India, who practice mutilation, pain and destruction as tools to surpass the mortal body.

By destroying the shell, they reason, they can encourage the growth of the soul. In Europe and the Americas, some Cultists continue the decadent practices of the late Hellfire Clubs, moving in secret circles of “gentlemen’s societies” complete with mutilating initiation rites, intoxicants and damaging drugs and painful mind-games and emotionally manipulative “pleasures”. Some things just work better for some people than others.


They claimed that the Cultists ignored the more subtle effects that their revolutionary ideals were having on the strict cultural systems around the world.

No mage who has felt the pain of the Earth or of the child down the street could bring herself to hurt an ascensuon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Cuot other will workers, however, the foci that the Cult uses all too easily become addictions in their own right. Tools like sex and drugs — the Kamamarga, or paths to ecstasy — just open the door. You can’t put numbers on passion. Ecstatic quests for transcendence — and the Cult of Ecstasy itself — have a long history, from the Bacchantes’ dances and the Sufi Muslims’ whirling to aboriginal vision quests.

The leadership were definitely magically active. They, too, see the Code of Ananda as weakness.

Cult of Ecstasy 2

Nowadays, it would seem that the unabashed hedonism of many societal subcultures especially youth-oriented ones would fall right into the Cult’s designs, but such is not quite the case. Entire communities took up cestasy whirling, fatiguing practices of seers, while in other areas hermit-like proto-Ecstatics lived as mystery men who uttered cryptic pronouncements and lived apart from the press of mundane humanity. Ascensioh and rebellion must be directed somehow, or the energy just swirls around in a sort of tornado and does no one any good.

Just as the Ecstatics surpass the boundaries of mundane thought and understanding, they also jump the boundaries of time itself.