Mahimna paaram they parama vidhusho yadhya sadhrushi, Sthuthir Brahmadheenama api thadavsanna sthwayi gira, Adhavachya sarva swamathi parinamam. Lord Shiv meaning “The Auspicious One”, also known as Mahadeva. Shiv is the powerful and fascinating deity of the Hindu Trinity who represents death and. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Shiv Mahimna Stotra. Download Shiv Mahimna Stotra and enjoy it on your.

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Pushpa Dantha was a Gandharwaa minstrel in the court of Lord Indra.

You have completely conquered Your senses. He then composed this very great prayer, pleased Lord Shiva and regained his powers [1] [2] [3]. When the Prajapathi fell in love with his own daughter, Who took the form of a doe and tried to escape, He continued chasing her in the form of a male deer, But you armed with bow and arrow chased and shot him, And he reached the heavens but till today he shivers in your fear.

To show mercy to Devas and Asuras who were afraid of the destruction of the entire world, Oh three eyed God who is amenable to his devotees, you swallowed the poison, And you had a black scarred neck but even that was pretty to you, Showing that even bad looks are praiseworthy to those who kill, fear of this world. I salute you ztotra the dear abode of the following 8 names: If one with single-minded devotion and folded palms reads this unfailing hymn composed by Pushpadanta, which is adored by great gods and the best of sages and which grants heaven and liberation, one goes to Shiva and is worshipped by Kinnaras celestial beings.

Being proud that his arrows never return without victory, In case of Devas, Asuras and men, the cupid who won everywhere, Not seeing you stptra, as different from other ordinary people, Became only a memory, because insulting masters does not stohra one good.

He was shocked, but being a blessed devotee, he realized why that happened.

Shiva Mahimna Stotram

A History of Indian Literature: In this prayer he sung the greatness of the Lord. O, destroyer of the three cities! By Pushpa Dantha Translated by P. Stories you may want to read. Because, even the utterance speech of Brahmaa and other gods is not able to fathom your merits ie, greatness. How can any action bear fruit if not accompanied by worship of You, 0 Lord?


O, Paramaatmaa Greatest Soulas you are the very creator of speech of the Vedas, which is like highest type of nectar and as sweet as honey, how can even the speech of Brahaspati Guru, or spiritual guide of gods surprise you? The recital of this stotra is very beneficial, and Shri Ramakrishna, one of the famous saints of the nineteenth century, went into samadhi just by reciting a few verses from this hymn.

The best one among all groups Gandharva? Insulting, masters who have controlled their sensesdoes one no good. Nandi Tantrism Jyotirlinga Shiva Temples. I do not know the truth of your nature and how you are.

Shiva Mahimna Stotram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

The Shiva Nirmaalya is considered holy. Because they are fools they raise doubts about Your existence. The great yogis regulate their breath, control and still their mind, look inward and enjoy the bliss with their hair standing on edge and eyes filled with tears of joy. Pushpa Dantha with all great and good qualities wrote this prayer.

Sgotra, this worship in the form of words, is dedicated at the feet of Shri Shankara; may the ever-auspicious lord of the mahlmna be pleased with this.

That bliss which they see in their heart and exult thus, is verily you Yourself! The river which pervades the sky and whose foam crests look all the more beautiful because of stars and planets, seems no more than a drop of water when on Your head.

O Lord, if the black mountain be mshimna, the ocean the inkpot, the branch of the stout wish-fulfilling tree a pen, the earth the writing leaf, and if taking these the Goddess of Learning writes for eternity, even then the limit of Your virtues will not be reached. He tried very hard to capture the thief, but in vain, because the Gandharvas have divine power to remain invisible. If the Paramaatmaa the Greatest Soul creates the three worlds ie, thewhole Universewhat is his gesture?


My salutations to You again and again who are all and also transcending all. Whoever reads this once, twice or thrice in a day revels in the domain of Shiva, bereft of all sins. Great bull, sword, white axe, hide, ash, serpents, And Skull are the equipments, that you own, Oh God, And the devas, ordered by the movement of your eyelids, Make some these equipments as theirs but you, Oh God, Who plays with your soul within your soul, Are not ever bothered by animal-like desires.

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As a result, King Chitraratha was left with no flowers to complete his prayers to Lord Shiva. And yet gods get all their riches merely by the movement of your eye-brows. Pushpadanta was so awestruck by the beauty of the mahima, that he could not control his emotions and picked up the flowers from the garden.

Epics and Sanskrit religious literature. Partial Solar Eclipse is coming and here’s how it will affect your Zodiac Sign. Fallen from his glory due to the wrath of the Lord, he composed this very beautiful uplifting hymn on the greatness of Shiva to regain His favor.

Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas.

Shiva Mahimna Stotram with Lyrics and Meaning

From this can be judged vastness of Your divine body. Oh,destroyer of the three cities!

Whoever reads this faultless hymn of Shiva daily, with pure mind and great devotion, ultimately reaches Shiva’s domain and becomes equal to him; in this world, he is endowed with children, great wealth, long life and fame. How many qualities does He possess? Message for the Day With how many qualities is it composed? This itself shows how lofty and divine your body form is! Once he happened to see a beautiful garden adorned with charming flowers.

Whoever reads this once, twice or thrice in a day revels in the domain of Shiva, bereft of all sins.