Marching Band: Malaguena Ernesto Lecuona / Arr. Jay Bocook. 78,00 €. inc. tax plus shipping. Availability * available in 9 days. Score Malaguena – Marching Band by Ernesto LECUONA, Jay BOCOOK for Marching band, Orchestra. Publisher and retailer, Robert Martin offers online sales. Features Malaguena by: Ernesto Lecuona: Jay Bocook. Made famous by the Stan Kenton Orchestra and a favorite on the Drum Corps circuit for years; there.

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Just wait though, soon enough you’ll be able to hit close to an octave above that. Hardest grade 4 I’ve ever seen omg. We played this in 84, my freshman year. Solo wise, Taboo bocok harder in terms of range, but this is always the sophisticated one. I really like their arrangement better than the scouts lol.

May 22 — Commencement, high school gym I mean I am boocook bias I play 2nd Trumpet and as I know it 1st trumpets are always bad. David Selzer Student field commanders: Lecuona vs Mrs Lecuona! Put it at 1. Let your brass players pull out all the stops on this exciting arrangement that features impressive written-out trumpet solos.


John Wasson House of Horrors – Arr. We support our sports teams, other fine arts in the school, and the community of Wadsworth. The third trumpet part is still playing higher then the third trumpet here.

Hal Leonard Marching Band. Back to our Homepage. The Thriller piece also featured the incredible dance moves of Ryan Stegner. I’m pretty sure this is what all trumpet players hope to play when they hear they are gonna be playing a latin piece this is so cool I wanna play it so badly.

High and High School. Ryun Louie Auxiliary instructors: It featured their principal show from the season. Dawson Instant Concert – Harold L.

Malaguena – Band Music Download

May 3 — Spring concert, high school 7 p. This is a 3 trumpet. April 14 — Jazz band concert, high school 7: But then again, we had a different arrangement. My director did tell me to play up an octave on some of the notes though because I’m a 1st trumpet.

Malagueña by Ernesto Lecuona/arr. Jay Bocook

I’m hella sweating and I’m not even playing lmao that fast section tho. Owen J Roberts Band. Jay Bocook Malaguena – Arr. May 17 — Night of percussion, high school 7 p. Seeing this makes me sad. Bill Moffit Coach – Arr.


Coming from a now 4 year mello player, 7 year horn player Keep it up! You can listen to our performance using this link: Many of our students are honors students, receive scholarships to universities, and are involved in other activities, sports and clubs at WHS.

Palo needs this song. Grossman The last performance of the year. Star Wars-The Marches – Arr.

Malaguena (Grade 4) for Marching Band

This is how I remember Malaguena as a kid in Jr. Our style is a blend of competition and show style that uses a variety of music. Sydney Gray, Spencer Penrod Tubas: We made malagueha great deal of progress having only been together for less than two months.

And, all members of the team need to contribute and be committed to the organization in order to truly be successful.

We believe that desire and a hard work ethic is the most important factor to success. Mario and Michelle Santiago. I was honored to play 2 jsy in this